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50 Questions for Fic Readers

From braveten, via deadlybride/zmediaoutlet (with slight alteration):

  1. List a few of your favorite AUs.

  2. What type of AUs are your favorites? Give a general description.

  3. What makes you give up on reading a fic?

  4. What makes you pick up a fic, what makes it sound interesting?

  5. Name a fic that made you cry (or that made you come close).

  6. Name a fic that made you laugh a lot.

  7. Do you have a fic recommendation page or master list?

  8. How many fics do you think you’ve read before?

  9. What’s the weirdest fic you’ve ever read? Describe it.

  10. Do you read crack!fic?

  11. Name a few of your favorite crack!fics.

  12. Has fluff ever made you cry? What about angst?

  13. What’s the longest fic you’ve ever read?

  14. Name a type of fic you’ll never ever read.

  15. Name a type of fic that you wish there was more of.

  16. Who are your favorite fanfiction author(s)?

  17. When you find an author you like, do you follow them?

  18. How often do you read fanfiction?

  19. Do people know that you read fanfiction?

  20. Do you leave reviews after reading fics? If so, what do they sound like?

  21. When you read a good fic, do you go to the author’s page?

  22. Name a common type of fic that you cannot stand.

  23. Name all the Work in Progress fics that you are currently reading.

  24. Has a fic ever left you unable to fall asleep or think about anything else?

  25. Are you good about keeping up when reading Work in Progresses?

  26. Name some of your favorite fic recommendations pages.

  27. Name a fanfiction author that you’re scared to talk to because they’re so amazing.

  28. Have you ever written fanfiction or considered it?

  29. Name a fic that has a perfect ending.

  30. Name a fic that you wish was longer.

  31. Do you mainly read TV shows, movies, or books?

  32. Do you read fanfiction about Anime?

  33. If you could imagine the perfect fic, what would it be like?

  34. If you had to introduce someone to fanfiction with a few fics, which would you suggest?

  35. Have you ever read a fic containing character death?

  36. Do you have an AO3/ page? Link it.

  37. What sites do you typically use to read on?

  38. What fandom(s) do you read?

  39. If you could request more of a certain type of fic, which would it be?

  40. what is your favorite all-time fic?

  41. Do you ever re-read fics? How about triple-read?

  42. Do you prefer angst or fluff?

  43. Do you prefer long fics or short fics?

  44. Name some incomplete fics that you wish were completed.

  45. Talk about the ships that you read.

  46. Do you read AUs?

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