Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Vacationing with SPN

Starting in a couple days, I'll be internetless for a week. I'm planning on downloading some episodes of SPN to take along, but know that there's a good possibility I'll wind up with people watching over my shoulder who have never seen the show, or only a few random episodes. With that in mind, which episodes would you guys suggest I take?

I'm currently thinking of the following (2 per day):

- 1.03 Dead in the Water
- 1.17 Hell House
- 2.07 Usual Suspects
- 2.12 Nightshifter
- 2.18 Hollywood Babylon
- 4.08 Wishful Thinking
- 4.11 Family Remains
- 4.19 Jump the Shark
- 7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
- 9.15 THINMAN
- 10.13 Halt and Catch Fire
- 10.19 The Werther Project (just because I love it so)
- 11.17 Red Meat
- 12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For
- 12.11 Regarding Dean
- 12.18 The Memory Remains
Tags: supernatural

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Posts from This Journal “supernatural” Tag