Vacationing with SPN

Starting in a couple days, I'll be internetless for a week. I'm planning on downloading some episodes of SPN to take along, but know that there's a good possibility I'll wind up with people watching over my shoulder who have never seen the show, or only a few random episodes. With that in mind, which episodes would you guys suggest I take?

I'm currently thinking of the following (2 per day):

- 1.03 Dead in the Water
- 1.17 Hell House
- 2.07 Usual Suspects
- 2.12 Nightshifter
- 2.18 Hollywood Babylon
- 4.08 Wishful Thinking
- 4.11 Family Remains
- 4.19 Jump the Shark
- 7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
- 9.15 THINMAN
- 10.13 Halt and Catch Fire
- 10.19 The Werther Project (just because I love it so)
- 11.17 Red Meat
- 12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For
- 12.11 Regarding Dean
- 12.18 The Memory Remains

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I have a tendency to watch all of the penultimate and finale episodes from every season when I get all *I WANNA WATCH* :)
Ha! :D

My approach tends to be the opposite, I find--I'm definitely a "monster of the week"-type gal. ;)

Afterschool Special,. Mystery Spot. Changing Channels.; and I love
Fanfiction.    m.    :)

The Werther Project is one of my favorites too! Well written, creepy and really surprised me that first time. Inside Man and Asylum are two others I would put in this category. Another MoTW episode that I liked was Southern Comfort. So much angst, good cameos by genre actors and Garth's goofy innocence had a point to it in the story.

That run of s2 episodes including Usual Suspects, Nightshifter and Hollywood Babylon is consistently good.

Family Remains is one of the few episodes that I have never watched again (along with Red Sky at Morning and Time Is On My Side). Curious about your thoughts on that one.
Not sure exactly why "Family Remains" is one of those episodes I've rewatched a bunch of times. It might be in part because of how it's about the family trapped in a horror movie as much as it is about Sam and Dean--something about that setup really interests me, even though I'm usually "the more boys the better". There's also the "Sam sleeping in the car while Dean obsesses" scene, and anytime we get them using the car like that I'm happy. Also, there's a real sense of tragedy with the two killer-kids. One of those awful situations where you can't really blame them for their actions, but they have to be put down for everyone's safety. They can't be saved.
Maybe I'll give another watch. Your description reminds me a bit of why I liked Roadkill, even though it's brothers light. The tragedy of her story, and that limited POV where we know something is off is excellent.
Yeah, that's the episode I'd probably compare it to. But the gross factor is definitely a bit stronger in "Family Remains".

Apparently it was written with the X-files episode Home in mind, but having seen both, "Family Remains" is a lot less heavy-handed both in its message and in the actual squick factor. (In other words, there's actually a story being told :P )