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  • Turn away

    One last, self-indulgent themed screen cap set before we head back to the usual 'random screen cap spam' posts. Having nothing but pictures…

  • Blind and Mute

    for zmediaoulet, although it took me a little while to find a really good batch of caps with the eyes/mouth cropped out or hidden. Each picture…

  • City Life

    For kalliel, shots set in urban locations. Each picture links to a separate collection of screen caps:

Lots of imbibing in this one! And I love that lonely, dark Sunnyside diner sign.
Accidental themes like that are so much fun. :)

I love the sign too--although I must admit it always makes me think of a cereal box.
Whenever I see Crowley walk down that corridor in 6x10 I want to cook him dinner - or, you know, make Dean cook him dinner. He was a bit on the thin side back then, poor guy.