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Death tally for SPN

I was recently thinking about the end of SPN s12 and trying to decide whether it was really the extreme bloodbath that it felt like, so I figured it might be fun to look at a breakdown of friend/ally deaths (or "deaths" in some cases) across all seasons. This looks only at recurring characters/locations/objects who have been of use to the Winchesters more than once prior to dying. Also, it's constructed from memory (because I'm feeling lazy), so there's probably stuff missing--please tell me if there is.
Season 1:

  1. [Mary Winchester]

  2. Jessica Moore (kinda?)

  3. [The Impala is totaled]

Season 2:

  1. John Winchester

  2. Ash

  3. The Roadhouse gets burned down

  4. [Sam dies and is brought back to life]

Season 3:

  1. [The Colt is stolen]

  2. [Dean dies]

Season 4:

  1. Ruby (considered an ally for s3 and most of s4)

Season 5:

  1. Ellen Harvelle

  2. Jo Harvelle

  3. Anna (ally in s4)

  4. [Sam jumps into Cage]

Season 6:

  1. Samuel Campbell (ally for first half of s6)

  2. Gwen Campbell (ally for first half of s6)

  3. Rufus Turner

  4. Balthazar (sort of an ally at the end of the season)

Season 7:

  1. [Cas "killed" by Leviathan]

  2. Bobby's house gets blown up

  3. Bobby Singer

  4. Frank Devereux

  5. [Dean and Cas get pulled into Purgatory]

Season 8:

  1. Benny Lafitte

  2. Meg (sort of an ally s7-8)

Season 9:

  1. Kevin

  2. Tessa (not exactly an ally, but worked with them in past seasons)

  3. Gadreel (sort of an ally at the end of the season)

  4. [Dean is killed by Metatron]

Season 10:

  1. Charlie Bradbury

  2. Rudy (off-screen until 10.23)

  3. Death (not exactly an ally, but worked with them in past seasons)

Season 11:

  1. Hannah (not exactly an ally, but worked with Cas in s10)

  2. Metatron (sort of an ally at the end of s11)

Season 12:

  1. Billie (not exactly an ally, but worked with them in s11)

  2. Mick Davies

  3. Eileen Leahy

  4. Arthur Ketch (considered an ally for most of the season)

  5. The Colt*

  6. Rowena*

  7. Crowley

  8. Cas

  9. Mary Winchester*

Conclusion: Yes, s12 really was a bit of a blood-bath, by SPN's standards. Also some of these characters are borderline allies so feel free to debate their inclusion, and I know I must be forgetting someone--tell me who, please!
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