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  • Blind and Mute

    for zmediaoulet, although it took me a little while to find a really good batch of caps with the eyes/mouth cropped out or hidden. Each picture…

  • City Life

    For kalliel, shots set in urban locations. Each picture links to a separate collection of screen caps:

  • Behind Bars

    for z_publicizes, People shot through bars. (I took a bit of liberty with this prompt towards the beginning; the later sets are a bit…

Yes, lots of Dean (a little Sam) and who wouldn't want to see the famous Winchester car. Love it!
I have so much fun assembling these posts, just seeing what pics get selected (and occasionally overriding the randomizer because I don't want to post the same one 3 times in a row, thanks.)
LOL! The problems with randomisers is the random quality of their randomised pics O.o LOL!
Well, it's all pulled from my ginormous (and growing) off-LJ galleries of screen caps, so there's some curation involved, but yeah--the combinations can be a bit odd at times. :P
I've saved ... uh, tens of thousands (no exaggeration). Though I don't think posted more than 2,000 yet.