An object lesson

2of3 (2).jpg
(My mom's response: "doesn't look like a mess to me"; no, mom, pretty sure it's a mess)

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  • SPACE!

    The background was a beautiful deep purple-blue, but you're just going to have to imagine it.

  • So much Subnautica, guys

    Here the background blue got stripped out. I think the scanner's trying to be clever but is actually being stupid.

  • Chicks!

    ...The barn's actually red, but something funky happened with the colors when it got scanned.

I don't know--like I said, I never figured out what the heck I was trying to do. I think that was the original idea, but then it didn't really work, so I never bothered adding feet.
It does have a touch of Chagall to it, I suppose--just needs to have someone/thing randomly floating in the sky. :P