Ogling some numbers

So, just posted my 100th work to AO3, and thought it might be fun to look at some stats:

User Subscriptions: 27
Kudos: 1385
Comment Threads: 141
Bookmarks: 155
Subscriptions: 39
Word Count: 89502
Hits: 29938

If you'd told me back in college that stuff I'd written would get read almost 30,000 times (well, more than that, if you throw in LJ), I probably would have thought you were joking. That's ... that's pretty dang cool. And yeah, only a pretty small percentage of readers left some kind of response, but heck--the alternative is printing stuff up and passing it around by hand and that never would've happened. I'll take my 1,385 kudos quite happily, thanks ever so. (Also, what a nightmare 30,000 comments would be, since I'd feel obligated to reply to all of them.)

Top Fandoms
Stargate Atlantis - 58 - It was a good fandom, while it lasted; still have a few fics I'd like to finish up and post someday
Supernatural - 17 - This one's around for the long haul, I suspect
Stargate SG-1 - 4 - This is the fandom that introduced me to fandom as a concept
New Testament - 4 - Because apparently I keep writing interstitials for the Christmas story
Discworld - 3 - The problem is, no one can write Discworld like Terry Prachett (sometimes not even Terry Prachett, to be completely honest)
Greek & Roman Mythology - 3 - A good tool for exploring other fandoms

Top Hits/Kudos

  • Harry Takes the Field (Henry V) - This is apparently going to be my fannish legacy, and I'm totally okay with that

  • Book covers for Down to Agincourt (SPN, technically) - I had fun doing these, although I should probably mark the work as "complete", as I don't think I'll make any more of them

  • In Your Philosophy (Naruto) - The fic that nearly drove me batty. Word of advice: don't enter a fic exchange for a fandom you're only tangentially familiar with, especially if there's no way to make sure you're partnered with the person who requested you do the fic exchange

  • Many Kinds of Love, Many Ways (Discworld) - This is apparently the little tiny fic that could

  • And Bob's Your Uncle (SGA) - I discovered this in the middle of a completely separate story I was typing up--it was my handwriting, but I have absolutely no memory of writing the thing

Top Comment Threads
Top Bookmarks

  • Harry Takes the Field (Henry V)

  • And Bob's Your Uncle (SGA)

  • In Your Philosophy (Naruto)

  • A Theory of Parallels (SGA) - The college AU I wrote voluntarily--but because I'm me, it still connects up with canon at the end

  • Book covers for Down to Agincourt (SPN)

Top Subscriptions

  • In Your Philosophy (Naruto)

  • Things Already Seen (SGA) - Someday I want to finish this

  • A Theory of Parallels (SGA)

  • Book covers for Down to Agincourt (SPN)

  • Cover art for miscellaneous SPN fics (SPN)

Top Word Counts

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Congratulations congratulations congratulations! It's so fun taking a peek at these kinds of stats sometimes. The fact that you have written fic for a fandom you're not really even in (and exchange fic at that) will forever astound me. What a project! And CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th work! <3333
Thanks! It's a pretty cool milestone to reach, given the number of times over the years that I thought my writing 'career' was dead due to a complete lack of motivation. :D

Congratulations on your hundredth work BB and I love sneaky peeking at other people's stats! I don't look at mine an awful lot, usually only when something jumps so high in hits it boggles my brain a bit. Death Fluff? LOL! Well done!
Same--I really was a bit staggered at my hit count, since the last time I looked at it was a couple years back, after I finished uploading all my LiveJournal stuff.

And I really am a bit pleased over the death fluff. :P