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  • Review: SPN 13.11, "Breakdown"

    Okay, I know everyone else is still recovering from the season finale, but I'm still chugging along half-a-season back, and thoroughly enjoying…

  • wheeeeeeee

  • Fic: Fair [spn]

    Thanks to zmediaoutlet for making me rewrite the last third so it didn't suck and for the title. Set in the Evil That Walks Invisible AU, where…

Gorgeous shots. I mean, the car shots are always beautiful of the two of them but the mixture of lighting and rain here is art.
They sure do, and the car shots are almost always gorgeous, but man--occasionally they manage to outdo even themselves.
For personal use? Not really--I don't use half the icons I have already--but feel free to make a bunch for public dissemination. :P