Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

drabble for Kriadydragon (sort of)

This doesn't really fit the prompt - sorry! - and wasn't what I was trying to write, but it's what came out.

Er. Maybe I'll write you another one about John that's less of a downer and actually fits with the title you gave me? Yeah. I'll do that.


It's a long way down

Wendecker was an idiot. John always makes faces when Rodney says this, but it’s true. The spells wrought by the man are slip-shod, a hard death waiting to happen. If Rodney could, he’d redo John’s wings, recast them into surety instead of faith. All faith’s ever done is get people killed.

But he can’t—doesn’t have the time, the desperation, the blind determination. Doesn’t have the bone-deep need for sky shared by Wendecker and John. All he can do is perform pre-flight checks, watch from balconies, pray to a God who probably doesn’t exist that John won’t become another Icarus.
Tags: all fiction, alternate universes, drabbles, fanfiction, stargate

  • february is apparently snow month this year

    I REALLY wish we still got snow days--February would've been nearly as much vacation as work, this year. :P


    :cackles maniacally: Just in time, too--our front lawn was starting to show grass again. It's all safely covered up now!

  • let it snow, let it snow (it did actually snow another 2 inches, btw)

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