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drabble for Kriadydragon (sort of)

This doesn't really fit the prompt - sorry! - and wasn't what I was trying to write, but it's what came out.

Er. Maybe I'll write you another one about John that's less of a downer and actually fits with the title you gave me? Yeah. I'll do that.


It's a long way down

Wendecker was an idiot. John always makes faces when Rodney says this, but it’s true. The spells wrought by the man are slip-shod, a hard death waiting to happen. If Rodney could, he’d redo John’s wings, recast them into surety instead of faith. All faith’s ever done is get people killed.

But he can’t—doesn’t have the time, the desperation, the blind determination. Doesn’t have the bone-deep need for sky shared by Wendecker and John. All he can do is perform pre-flight checks, watch from balconies, pray to a God who probably doesn’t exist that John won’t become another Icarus.
Hmmmm. Interesting. Rather hypcritical of McKay, frowning on faith one minute then relying on it the next.
Yeah. He's got an interesting headspace, does McKay. I need to get him to tell me his history, because now I'm curious.

He's fully aware that he's being hypocritical, I think. But John has faith, so Rodney can only follow along after him.
McKay is a little more fleshed out than Sheppard, which is part of the reason why he's so popular to write with many writers. The show has pretty much shoved his life in our face, making it easier to fill in the blanks.

Which is the only aspect of the entire show that ticks me off. I just feel it very wrong to not have a character's history planned out, making it up later just because people begged for it. We got plenty of McKay, but barely anything of Sheppard beyond mostly surface stuff. I feel that unfair to both the character and the actor.

Sorry about the personal rant.
No need for apology! I feel somewhat the same way, although I must admit to making full use of Sheppard's blank backstory.

But although we do know a fair bit about McKay's past, there are still plenty of holes, and those are what interest me. All the petty little things that he probably doesn't even remember, but that shaped him into who he now is.