Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Let me count the ways

Or, well, let kalliel do it for me:
I love SPN when it's on its game, and it's doing what it does best just SO fucking well, either in its limited screen time or by way of invitation/implication. I love its best self. I love when it's off to the races. I love it at cruising speed. I love it when it takes some bizarre frontage road and can't for the life of it find the interstate. I love it when it's wandering down one way street after one way street downtown, completely lost. I love its sloppiness, forgetting its coffee on the roof or leaving its gas cap dangling. I love it when it's carrying too many bags, most of which it probably shouldn't have brought, or purchased in the first place. I love it when it straight-up gives up for a sec and throws half those bags out the window (plot thread, what plot thread?). I love it when it insists on collecting things--like Alphas, Godly weapons, bunkers, Macguffins--on counting things--Trials, Seals--on growing things--psychics, sisters, antichrists. When it invites its dumb friends over. When it keeps inviting the same dumb friends over. When it forgets why I married it. When it remembers. Eventually, I know it will always remember.
Because that's pretty much it. <3
Tags: quotable things, supernatural

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