Sketchbook Saturday

Going through an old sketchbook, found some fun snippets that never got scanned and uploaded:

For some reason, the bird kept landing on Vernon's head, no matter how many times he politely asked it to stop.
scribble0002 (2).jpg
He wasn't a very good accordion player, but the turtle could only sort of hum along anyway, so it didn't really matter. They collected enough for a BLT and called it a day.

scribble0001 (2).jpg
Ever since the little dude had put on that hat, odd things had begun happening.

scribble (2).jpg
"I think I need a shave..."

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    The background was a beautiful deep purple-blue, but you're just going to have to imagine it.

  • So much Subnautica, guys

    Here the background blue got stripped out. I think the scanner's trying to be clever but is actually being stupid.

THE HAT ONE. <333 I love all of these, but especially the hat one!
I think it was originally just supposed to be a little study in shadows/light sources, but why not have fun along the way, right? :D
*snorts* These are so adorable, I love the first one, that bird is too cute and the accordion player - ♥-♥
I love the last one the best. Reminds me of my husband. With his suitcase and rolly bag(for laptop and other carry on stuff) he's like a turtle.