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As is standard by now, via deadlybride/zmediaoutlet: candy discourse, reblog comment with your opinions on

  • candy corn - UGH. It's colored, sweetened wax. Why anyone would voluntarily eat it is beyond me.

  • licorice - Red licorice? Sure. Black? No thanks. Pretty much agree with Sam Winchester there.

  • peanut butter + chocolate - One of the best things ever

  • mint + chocolate - Eh, okay. Always makes me think of the Olive Garden after-meal freebies.

  • sour candies - Loved them when I was a kid. And then I ate a whole bag of sour gummy worms in one go and that kind of burned me out on them.

(I love Z's accompanying tags: *lol *why and who cares and where do all these posts come from? *whatever)
Tags: meme/poll

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