As is standard by now, via deadlybride/zmediaoutlet: candy discourse, reblog comment with your opinions on

  • candy corn - UGH. It's colored, sweetened wax. Why anyone would voluntarily eat it is beyond me.

  • licorice - Red licorice? Sure. Black? No thanks. Pretty much agree with Sam Winchester there.

  • peanut butter + chocolate - One of the best things ever

  • mint + chocolate - Eh, okay. Always makes me think of the Olive Garden after-meal freebies.

  • sour candies - Loved them when I was a kid. And then I ate a whole bag of sour gummy worms in one go and that kind of burned me out on them.

(I love Z's accompanying tags: *lol *why and who cares and where do all these posts come from? *whatever)

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I'm pretty much in agreement with all of these. Mint and chocolate can be done well and poorly, but candy corn is ALWAYS THE DEVIL. I don't really like any kind of licorice, though. Sour gummies, on the other hand--yum! Even though yes, eating too many in one go is not ideal. XD
I wouldn't turn down some sour gummies nowadays, I must admit. It's been long enough that my palate has recovered. ;P

(Seriously, I do not understand the candy corn thing. How on earth can people enjoy that crap?)
I cannot think of a more disgusting *sweet* O.o
RED YES Black, hell f*cking no! Also, it gives you serious tummy issues if you eat too much.
Agreed! REESES! ♥-♥
I like Mint Choc, but I like it dark not milk.
We have tangfastics here, Haribo, and the cherry sours are my all time fave sweety :)
Dark chocolate all the way, in any combination! (Although the milk chocolate-based Mr. Goodbars are pretty tasty, I must admit.)
Candy corn is nice! Marzipan is disgusting. Licorice tastes awful. Not allowed to eat chocolate anymore.
All licorice? I can't stand "real" black licorice, but the red variety can be nice.

Never had marzipan.

Also--could you perhaps explain the appeal of candy corn? Because I just don't get it.

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Chocolate mint creams are still one of my fave sweets, After Eights will do if I can't get the proper ones...
Is candy corn the same as pop corn?
Is candy corn the same as pop corn? - NONONONNonononnonNONo.


Sorry. I just feel very strongly on the subject.

Popcorn, on the other hand, is fab. I could easily just keep eating sweet-n-salty kettlecorn until I popped. :D
I've never seen or heard of that before - it looks like it's chock full of E numbers! Can't say it looks edible...
But then some of the sweets I used to love are a bit of an acquired taste - like cherry lips, floral gums and parma violets. I don't mind black liquorice but not the Scandinavian salty kind. I used to love liquorice Allsorts though nowadays I find it all gums up ones teeth too much.
It's everywhere around Halloween, in my corner of the US. Maybe it's regional, I don't know. But the stuff's nasty.
//makes me think of the Olive Garden after-meal freebies// lol, this is the perfect description of why I don't like that flavor either, brat.

Black licorice is the devil, and I'm not a fan of things like Twizzlers, which taste waxy to me. There is this Australian fruit flavored licorice we've eaten on road trips that's pretty good. Sour candies are pretty good, but again remind me of road trips and overeating.

*hides a large bag of candy corn behind my back* hmmm, yeah, so I am probably the only person over the age of eight that loves these? Even better are the harvest mix bags with candy corn pumpkins and corn cobs. Chewy, creamy bits of goodness that only come around once a year.
Ha--that's interesting that you find Twizzlers "waxy", because that's exactly why I can't stand candy corn and that ilk of candy.

Just goes to show that everyone's palate really is different, I suppose.

I do think it's kind of interesting that my favorite kind of candy isn't mentioned at all in this little poll: I'm a huge sucker for hard fruit candy--my grandmother used to keep tins of strawberry bon-bons for when we'd visit, and I just found this fabulous pomegranate variety. Yum. :D
I know what you mean, but haven't had those in years. One of my grandmothers gave us the hard candies that came in the small tins, and the other liked the ones that came in hard ribbons. So nostalgic.
Oh, I've had ribbon candy! Eating it was kind of a weird experience, but it looked really neat.
Ooh, I like pretty much all of these (er, even the candy corn). The only one I'm not a big fan of is black licorice, though if you put it in front of me, I might eat some anyway. And I actually love getting those chocolate mints at Olive Garden. XP
Laffy Taffy and cotton candy are nice. I don't understand the appeal of dark chocolate. Milk chocolate is the best. I like the milk chocolate with rice or the chunky candy w/ milk chocolate raisin and nut. Cadfbury is good but I like Nestle better. chocolate covered candied orange peel is fabulous!
Milk chocolate tends to be too purely sweet for my taste--I like being able to properly taste the chocolate, if that makes sense.