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So, for however long this is up, here's the latest from Shaving People, Punting Things: it's not on Youtube, and it's restricted embed. In case it gets taken down, it's just a 30-second music cue as the camera pans across and up a wooden desk drawer to reveal the s13 crew pin sitting on top of the desk. If not for the music, I probably wouldn't bother sharing. But the music...

Man, I want s13 right now, please. Also, I'd like to link to a similar-sounding piece, in case the video does go down, but I'm feeling dumb and can't think of the name of the musical genre so I can search for something appropriate. So: please give me suggestions, that would be rad.

ETA: Here's a taste

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Oh man, that's awesome. <333 I LOVE THE MUSIC!!! Thanks for the link. I could't tell you what that genre is, but it reminds me a bit of whatever genre Brown Bird is maybe?
Lol, according to their Wiki the genre is "one that lives on the darker side of American folk, ensconced in Eastern European roots music." That works for me!
The little S13 clip has that higher brassy percussion thing going for it that what I linked doesn't have, though. (Lol whoever knows the proper musical terminology for all this wants to KILL ME right now I'm sure!)
Yeah, that's a decent match--definitely better than anything I was coming up with.

I love how ... not exactly 'old school', because I'd say that would be the classic rock of the early seasons. But ... I dunno. It feels gritty, y'know? Which is an aspect of the show that I love, that's faded a bit since the bunker years. (NB: I LOVE the bunker, this is not a diss on the bunker--I just wouldn't mind the return of a bit more of an emphasis on the road.)
Yes to all of the above! And I'd certainly welcome the road. <33 And tbh, considering the number of people who have a key to the Bunker, if I were Sam and Dean I'd be a little more wary of the Bunker, or at least try to figure out how to keep the BMoL out. I mean, they may be off in Britain, but even then I'd want to cover my ass! (I've come to accept the Bunker, but the only time I haven't mostly wanted it to burn down is when the Stynes were actually planning to burn it down.)
Haha--I will admit that I love the bunker partly because it gives us a larger scope for domestic moments and I'm a sucker for those. So I don't really want it to go away entirely. But yeah--it definitely would make sense for them to rely less heavily on it as "safe place" in the wake of everything over the past 1-1/2 seasons.
That Shaving People vids are semi official, I think - they never seem to get taken down. But. But. They've broken Baby!
Well, it's interesting--usually they announce the vids, and this one just kind of snuck onto the scene. It's not on YouTube, and it won't play in an embed, only on Vimeo. So it feels ... surreptitious, in comparison to the usual.
A bit, yeah.

Oh, on the topic of Baby--my thinking is that the split is there to indicate some dimension-hopping or something, given the events of 12.23.