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  • Turn away

    One last, self-indulgent themed screen cap set before we head back to the usual 'random screen cap spam' posts. Having nothing but pictures…

  • Blind and Mute

    for zmediaoulet, although it took me a little while to find a really good batch of caps with the eyes/mouth cropped out or hidden. Each picture…

  • City Life

    For kalliel, shots set in urban locations. Each picture links to a separate collection of screen caps:

I love all the odds and sods ones, the not quite important but inbetween and awesome shots XD
Me too--there are so many cool visuals that never make it into the gif/screen cap sets that get reblogged all over the place. One of my little tiny missions in fandom is to highlight those "odds and sods", as you say. :D
The randomizers were having some fun this time. ;D

(I do like the accidental theme of "hands".)
I was watching an episode today and the woman said to the other that they looked good walking away too...LOL
Yay for all of the hands! And I especially enjoy those first 3 caps — dirt and night and neon signs and a tape deck. <3
One of the things I love about using the randomizer for assembling these posts is that it creates cool juxtapositions like that which I'd never come up with on my own. But yup, right there you have a pretty fair summary of the show. :D
You know I love the staircase shots. Great perspective on that one.

I'm planning on pulling together a couple more collections of staircase shots for you, btw--just need to finish getting caps from 12.22-23 first.