Review: The Great Divorce; Mr. Squirrel & the Moon; SPN 11.14

The Great Divorce - Just finished reading this for a discussion group, and boy howdy is there a lot to discuss here. Lewis really uses the conceit of 'souls from Hell visiting Heaven' to great advantage, with the option of eternal light and beauty and joy casting into sharp relief just how petty are the 'benign follies' we not only cling to but even nuture--and how destructive they could potentially become when carried into eternity. (But it's a delightfully easy read despite the weighty subject.)

Mr. Squirrel & the Moon - Oh man. This is the kind of story that's enjoyable for kids but even moreso for the adults reading to them. In which a squirrel attempts to get rid of the moon that landed on his branch, before someone discovers him with it and decides he's a thief and should be locked away. (It sounds a bit grim, but is actually kind of adorable.)

The Vessel - Hellatus means it's time to revisit past episodes, and this is one I dearly love:

  1. Dean's futile search for coffee (going so far as to attempt drinking the dregs of Sam's much) is a wonderful thing

  2. Lucifer is incredibly creepy in this episode

  3. I'd forgotten just how far he took things with Crowley; Crowley's obsession with getting one over on him in s12 makes a whole lot more sense now that I'm reminded of this context

  4. Dean once again coming up with an outside-the-box solution to their problem

  5. I know a number of fans dissed Misha's portrayal of Lucifer, but man did he nail it in this episode

  6. Everything to do with the submarine scenes is amazing--the slowly rocking camera, the cramped set, the slight shift in color palate, the glimpses we get of the crew--it really does feel like Dean Winchester got dropped into the middle of a WWII maritime movie

  7. Delphine totally rocks

  8. The crew member who's constantly asking Dean "future" questions that Dean doesn't care about and doesn't know the answers to

  9. Sam's readiness to put himself at risk if there's even a chance it'll allow them to save Dean

  10. And his reaction when he realizes just who he's been rubbing elbows with all episode

  11. The special effects when Delphine uses the Hand of God

  12. Sam keeping it together and sigil-slamming Lucifer out of the bunker

  13. Dean's quiet desolation at having had to simply stand aside and watch while Delphine and the submarine crew sacrificed themselves

  14. (The closing scene's ridiculous but beautiful pier in the middle of nowhere--for which I've actually located the semi-plausible real-world equivalent because I'm a slightly obsessive dork armed with Google Maps, satellite view) - I'd embed the map if I could, but that shows the route from my theoretical location for the bunker to the weird abandoned pier at the nearest reservoir. (There's a lake that's slightly closer, but it doesn't have a suitable pier)

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I love that you used google-maps to look up a possible place for that final scene!! I loved this episode, for all the reasons you mentioned, and especially Sam's nous and Dean's quiet despair. Two beautifully acted emotions.
(link to map in comment above)

Oh yes--definitely one of my favorites from s11 (but then, I have a lot of those--it was a good season :D )
Ditto to your list of things to love about that episode! I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. The final scene was so pretty, though I remember wondering about where Sam and Dean found the pier. Like was it kinda in their backyard? Did they need to just get out of the bunker after everything and found it randomly while driving? Did they go there often? I have lots of questions. :P So I love that you looked into it and your possible location.
I always figured Sam and Dean were both feeling a bit claustrophobic for different reasons--and maybe wanted somewhere "safe" to chuck the hand of god? Who knows. It really is an odd little choice for a location, but such an effective visual that I'd give it a pass--even if there weren't several suitable bodies of water within reasonable driving distance.
Ooh, yeah. I can see them not really wanting to hang on to the hand of god, but it also not being the kind of thing you just throw out, even if it is out of juice. And picturing them chucking it into the lake is a lovely image.