Happy meme

via deadlybride/zmediaoutlet (yeah, I'm a groupie :P ) - Five things that make me happy.

1. Hanging out with my nieces. They're old enough for actual communication, but young enough that a rock or leaf or dandelion puff is the best thing ever. It's nice to spend time with that perspective on the world for a little while. Also, they think I'm cool, which is flattering. ;)

2. The time in the afternoon when the sunlight comes through my window at the right angle to hit the mirrorball and prism sitting on the window frame, scattering rainbows and dots of light across my ceiling.

3. Singing. Most of the stuff I post on Sundays is music I've either sung and loved, or have heard and would like to sing someday. I've been in a choir of some form pretty much non-stop since I was 7 or so--not having that as an outlet is all but unimaginable at this point.

4. Pennsylvania farm land. If I could pick anywhere to live, without worrying about finances or proximity to family, friends, or work, it would be the rolling fields surrounded by trees and streams that's just to both the east and west of where I currently live. Can't help but yearn every time I drive through it. But it's the happy kind of yearning. :P

5. The art of Shaun Tan and James Christensen--they both combine whimsy with beauty and deep insight.

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YES to the yearning for farm land! If I hadn't developed a deep terror of icy roads in West Virginia, I absolutely would have chosen somewhere far more rural than I am living right now. (But then I was like, well, if I'm planning to ever leave my house five months out of the year, I guess not...)

And I love envisioning your mirrorball, how cool.

AND I think it's awesome that your so involved in music/choir! Beautiful. <3333
I wish the mirrorball's effect on the ceiling was something I could catch with my current camera, but it just doesn't come out right. It's so cool, though--automatically happy-making.

My dad grew up in deep farmland, before he moved to the city/suburbs and academia. I don't know if some of the yearning is genetic, but sometimes I feel like there should be a farm in my own childhood somewhere. :P The vegetable garden keeps getting bigger each spring, though, and we've had chickens for 4 years now, which is probably as close as you can get to farming on a lot the size of ours.

The few times in my life when I haven't been involved with a choir have felt ... wrong. Just, there needs to be organized singing at least once a week. It's vital.
I wonder that, too! My maternal grandmother grew up on a farm in Hawai'i, and though she doesn't live in farm country anymore, she maintains a huge city garden plot (with some help from younger friends/neighbors). And my paternal grandparents only recently moved off their wild land to a place that's still pretty out there (it abuts a state park). All my family on that side are pretty farm-y--certainly in leisure, if not where they work/live right now. (Meanwhile one of my cousins definitely takes after her mom, and is all about moving to THE CITY and NYC, etc. :PP Their family vacationed in France last summer and she was all about PARIS and my uncle was just like "yeah... I really liked biking in the French countryside once we left Paris..." XD)
(haha--maybe it really is genetic. ;P I'd totally be with your uncle there. very definitely am not a city girl.)
What wonderful happy making things, especially the singing/music I'm so glad you have that outlet honey :)