Review: SPN 12.22-23

Okay, let me start by crowing a little, because I totally called it. Even as people were naysaying, I kept thinking "man, the writers are totally setting things up so they can [spoiler]just kill everyone off if they want". And apparently they did want. I'm kind of impressed by how much freedom they've created for themselves going into next season. Good on you, writers, for actually following through on that.

Before looking at the episodes themselves, I just want to admire the appateaser from the SPN editing crew:

It does such a good job of creating suspense without detracting at all from the actual viewing experience--no real spoilers here. And that's quite pleasant to encounter in today's world of "here, let me condense all the best parts of the movie/episode into a trailer so you can guess the entire story without even watching it". None of that from the SPN editing crew.

Who We Are
Wasn't this a great episode? I didn't expect to like it so much--it's a season arc episode, and I tend to be ambivalent over those, but everything fell into place so nicely (and Dean finally got to use the grenade launcher) that it was thoroughly enjoyable. And beginning, middle, and end were solidly Sam-and-Dean, so that automatically gets it bonus points.

This is one of those episodes where I'm not going to bother listing off things that I loved because pretty much every other scene could just get quoted/screen capped in its entirely. A+, Mr. Berens. A+. (Feel free to squee about stuff in the comments :D )

All Along the Watchtower
Given the way they ended it with Lucifer in 12.21, in retrospect this episode really shouldn't have come a surprise. But I made the mistake of talking with some people about it before I had a chance to watch it for myself, and their reaction spoiled mine a bit because I went into it with the wrong frame of mind. However, again, despite [spoiler]all the deaths/dimensional exiles it was a surprisingly funny episode. The whole thing felt almost more screwball than apocalyptic, which was kind of refreshing. A number of scenes had me outright laughing, which is definitely a first for a finale. And the way they used [spoiler]the alternate dimension as a way to sort of address some of the stuff Dean said to Mary in the 12.22 was pretty clever. I'm curious to see what (if anything) they'll do with it next season. The writers really did give themselves the ability to take s13 in just about any direction they choose, and it's going to be fun seeing out where they go with it.
HEY NOW, KELLY, DON'T KNOCK THE SWEDISH FURNITURE. Man, I feel like IKEA gets such a bad pop culture rap for inexplicable directions. IKEA directions are great! Haters clearly haven't tried to do origami off origami directions... ;P And Castiel and his online doula training--which I thought well-timed, because my witch friend is actually all set for her doula training this coming weekend. I'm sure she'll come away a bit better trained than Castiel was, though all things considered he really didn't do that badly, either. XD

I'm so glad you enjoyed the finale eps! I sure did, waaaaay more than I imagined was possible. Not because of S12 itself but because historically I tend not to be interested in finales. These totally blew my mind. <3___<3 And I'm feeling very refreshed by the board-clearing, though I'm sure we'll see some back. I do feel like it gives the writing staff a lot of leeway to set things up in ways that work for them, which I hope they take.
I laughed pretty hard over the Ikea technical support bit--it was a very nice fake-out. And Cas as a doula is just a wonderful-terrible image. :D

(You're totally right about origami instructions, btw; very hit-or-miss.)

Ditto being usually somewhat indifferent to the season finales--I wasn't expecting to be as engaged as I was. Which I figure is a pretty good accomplishment for a show in its 12th season.

And I'm feeling very refreshed by the board-clearing, though I'm sure we'll see some back. I do feel like it gives the writing staff a lot of leeway to set things up in ways that work for them, which I hope they take.

So, basically you were right, LOVE IT!!! I knew you were whatever it was you were saying, you're a clever lass, can't go wrong agreeing with you :D
If I'd had company while watching the episode I would've been really obnoxious. "Ha! I called it, I totally called it--didn't I tell you they were prepping for this? Please acknowledge my prescience." :P
That would be fun. I don't know anyone around here who watches the show, so it would be a novel experience to do with another fan. ;D
We used to get together to watch SPN online as it were, a few of us would watch all at the same time and use chat and email to throw ideas and comments back and forth, that's also fun when you can't in person group watch.
I have Suspicions about Cas's death. There was that dimensional gate sitting RIGHT THERE, you know.

I sure hope this means Bobby!!
Ha, yes :D

One of the reasons I'm feeling really excited for S13 is that while I can think of a number of ways they might take it, I couldn't make a prediction as to which one(s) they'll actually pursue. Which isn't something that happens very often to me. It's very refreshing!
Yay for calling it! And I’m glad you enjoyed the finale so much! I thought I would enjoy it, but I was blown away with how much! 12x22 had so many things that I loved all in that one episode, so that I still can’t get over how much I loved it. And I really dug 12x23 as well; it really worked for me, and in a lot of ways I don’t think I was expecting. I don’t think I’ve really processed all the slate wiping yet (I say a week after ahaha), but I’m down to see how that shakes up dynamics for next season. I'm unsure where season 13 will take us but I’m so psyched to find out. :D

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I'm unsure where season 13 will take us but I’m so psyched to find out. :D

Same here--they really could take it in so many different directions that I can't make any predictions--which I don't think has been the case since ... hm. I'm drawing a blank.

Man, what a thing for a show entering its 13th season to accomplish.