Meme: Asks for fanfic writers

From ibuzoo via deadlybride/zmediaoutlet

drop a number and a fandom in the comments and I’ll answer:

  1. things that inspire you

  2. things that motivate you

  3. name three favorite writers

  4. name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

  5. since how long do you write?

  6. how did writing change you?

  7. early influences on your writing

  8. what time are you most productive?

  9. do you set yourself deadlines?

  10. how do you do your researches?

  11. do you listen to music when writing?

  12. favorite place to write

  13. hardest character to write

  14. easiest character to write

  15. hardest verse to write

  16. easiest verse to write

  17. favorite AU to write

  18. favorite pairing to write

  19. favorite fandom to write

  20. favorite character to write

  21. least favorite character to write

  22. favorite story you’ve ever written

  23. least favorite story you’ve ever written

  24. favorite scene you’ve ever written

  25. favorite line you’ve ever written

  26. story you’re most proud of

  27. best review you ever got

  28. worst review you ever got

  29. favorite story/poem of another author

  30. hardest part of writing

  31. easiest part of writing

  32. alternate title for (insert story title)

  33. alternate ending for (insert story title)

  34. alternate pairing for (insert story title)

  35. single story or multi-part story?

  36. one-shot or multi-chaptered story?

  37. canon or AU?

  38. do you reread your own stories?

  39. do you want to be published some day?

  40. which one of your stories would you most like to see as a movie/series

  41. one song that captures (insert story title)

  42. do you plan or do you write whatever comes to your mind?

  43. would you ever write a sequel for (insert fic title here)

  44. do you write linear or do you write future scenes if you feel like it?

  45. share the synopsis of a story you work on that you haven’t published yet

  46. share a scene of a story that you haven’t published yet

  47. how many unfinished ideas/stories are you working on at the same time?

  48. three spoilers for (insert story title)

  49. writing advice

  50. open question to the writer

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One would like you to answer #'s 45 and 46 if that's not too much ♥
Don't know if this will every fully gel, but here goes:

A Hundred Miles or More
Small town on the edge of deep forest; girl marries the boy she would've wanted, but can't be happy about it because she feels the town is using her basically as a bribe or something because her new husband is the favored friend of the local forest god. And even though her husband is kind and good and she would've picked him anyway, she can't let go of her resentment towards the forest god for ... well, existing, basically, and taking the choice from her. So there's this ever-growing bitterness, though she succeeds mostly in keeping it from her husband or anyone--can't risk word getting around and angering the god, after all.

But then her husband takes a job as guide for some people trying to find the next town over, which is several days away and almost hidden. It should be a few weeks journey at most, but he never comes back. Eventually the now-heavily-pregnant wife goes to the god for help, and they go on basically a very, very awkward roadtrip together. And eventually the wife realizes that the whole situation she'd resented for so long was due to any action or intent of the forest god, so she's finally able to let that go.

And then there's the thrilling showdown, where it turns out that the next forest god over decided to basically eat the town that had been under its protection, and the wife has to go in and rescue her nearly-dead husband while the two gods battle it out, and she shows a combination of nerves and ingenuity, etc., etc. They manage to get out and back home in one piece, there's something where the wife realizes that the god has spent most of his immortal existence kind of lonely and hopes that future generations of her family might help alleviate that, the end.
Re: 45
Personally that sounds extremely intriguing and full of drama, emotion, action. All the things that make a great story. I'd be really interested to read it if you ever do decide to further it! Thank you so much for sharing :D
From book one of Evil That Walks Invisible, which is the massive MoL AU that deadlybride and I really need to get back to work on (so this includes minor edits made by her):

The cut on Henry’s right thumb kept catching as he tried to locate his house key and get it correctly slotted into the lock; an onlooker might have suspected excessive imbibing, but he’d had only a glass of celebratory wine after the ceremony--it was almost entirely a combination of elation, leftover nerves, and the unfamiliar bite of pain whenever he shifted weight. Frustration had begun to overtake his elation by the time he managed to drop the bunch of keys yet again, producing an explosion of sound that seemed to ricochet along the dark, silent street.

Just as he’d knelt awkwardly down to retrieve the keys--he’d never realized before just how active the big toe was in helping one stay balanced--the front stoop light came on and he heard the sounds of someone disengaging the door’s deadbolt. Before he’d had the chance to straighten again, the door opened to reveal Millie, wearing nightgown, curlers, and the crease between her eyes that meant she was approaching the end of her patience.
“What on earth are you doing, Henry? I’m surprised half the neighborhood hasn’t been woken by all your commotion.”

Just like that, he was all elation again--he’d always found it delightful how Millie somehow managed time and again to say exactly what he’d been thinking himself. He must have been grinning up at her like the besotted fool he was, because her own expression softened.

“Did your meeting go well, then?”

“The meeting went wonderfully,” he corrected her, and surged up and into the sort of kiss he’d been too distracted to give her recently. He bracketed her dear startled face in his hands and she made a startled sound, but relaxed into him, and he found himself smiling against her mouth.

“Everything is perfect,” he told her a fair bit later, when they were comfortably ensconced in bed together--well, comfortable aside from his still-aching thumb and the way Millie’s curlers were digging into his collarbone. She made a vague sound of assent and burrowed her face a little more into his chest, which didn’t help with the curlers. “They’re very happy with what I’ve been doing at work--there was even talk of a promotion of sorts, though we might need to move. Would you mind terribly much if we did?”

“No, of course not,” she murmured, muffled slightly by his chest. “Whatever we need to do for your job. I’m sure it’ll all be fine.”

“It’ll be better than fine,” Henry said, holding her a little closer and picturing their son, tall and proud, the Aquarian star pinned over his heart because he'd earned his heritage. Just as Henry now had. "It'll be wonderful. I'm sure of it."
Re: 46
Oh wow, that's really cool. You don't see a lot of Henry-Centric fic so it's nice to see it here and done so well with such attention to detail. Henry sounds like himself. Thank you so much for sharing :D
Re: 46
Yay! I watched the two Henry episodes a bunch of times, trying to get his voice right. Glad to hear it paid off.
Haha, oh man--I don't know. Probably John Sheppard from my AU series Kingfishers. He was mine in a way I haven't experienced with any other character so far: I knew his childhood, his family's story, everything. It was like one day I woke up and he'd simply set up shop at the back of my brain, and I kind of wish he'd come back, even though I've mostly left SGA fandom for a while now.
You're very welcome! It's kind of fun to have an excuse to sit down and actually think about this sort of thing.