Review: Todoist; Fantastic Beasts; SPN 12.20

So, the last few weeks I've discovered the joy of actually getting things done, thanks to Todoist. This post is getting written entirely because it's now a recurring item on Mondays to write reviews for Tuesday. It's glorious--none of this "I guess I should probably do something productive..." followed by gazing blearily around the room at the piles of things waiting to be tackled and then giving up and just surfing YouTube because I spent all my decision-making powers at work. Now that I have a recurring todo list that sits in my browser bar and tells me how many tasks I have left for the day, the only decision I'm making is which thing I feel like doing first. Which sounds kind of dumb when I put it like that, but guys. It's so nice. I'm doing all the little daily stuff I always meant to do but never got to before bedtime, day after day after day.

Anyhow, if you're the kind of person who has similar struggles, might be worth trying out (the free Chrome extension works great). I'd suggest making the first item on your list "make to-do list".

In other news, finally got around to watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with the family. Not a bad movie, though the dialog was a little hard to understand at times. The main issue, I think, is that one of the storylines really needed to be cut so that the other two could get fleshed out a little more. As is, there's some whip-lash tonal changes and the whole thing feels very ... I dunno. Surfacy. The very mixed reports I'd been hearing about the whole thing make more sense now. Don't know that I'd really recommend it, but if someone was already interested, I wouldn't try to dissuade them.

On the other hand, Supernatural's "Twigs and Twine and Tasha Banes" was a nice piece of pod-person horror which had two stories to tell and balanced them nicely. Although this season sometimes feels a bit like Sam and Dean wandering through other peoples' stories instead of the other way around, I'm finding it a fun change of pace--kind of a breather from the usual case of having everything sitting on their shoulders.

Bonus live-chat rewatch of "Fan Fiction":

I'd forgotten how fun the opening title montage is

"you ran tech, Wolverine"
"shut up"

Dean is so affronted

[8:06 PM]
Sam: "I must say, it's rather charming, the production value and the--No? No. No."

[8:12 PM]
Sam teasing Dean over the shipping portmanteaus :D

I forgot the ghostfacers moment
Sam and Dean are so disgusted

and Dean's bopping along with the music :D

oh, I really like Calliope's dress
so effective with the flowers up the front

[8:34 PM]
oh--I never caught this before
Dean, to Marie, after the scarecrow explodes and everyone starts clapping: "Take a bow, Sammy"

(Conclusion: still a lot of fun, two and a half years later)
I don't use ToDoist specifically, but I DO love To do lists a lot!!! And I've found that I need to have a set of them, so I don't get overwhelmed by the longer-term todo lists when what I really need to do is accomplish my daily ones. Lists are so beautiful. Lists and calendars. <333333 (Skipping the reviews because I haven't seen the things--just so you know why I'm only addressing 1/3 of the post, haha.)
(fair enough! :D )

Yes exactly. Which is why I'm currently so in love with this browser extension. The to-do lists self generate every day, based on a set of recurring tasks--which was always my problem. I'd make a ginormous to-do list, eventually finish everything on it, and then not get around to making another one for a month or more. It's so nice to have finally found a piece of technology that compensates for my weakness in that area.

(Also, I live out of my calendars (yes, plural) at work--as you say, they too are a wonderful thing necessary for existence.)