Last meal

Borrowed from a discussion my dad had with some of his students: if you were going to have an operation tomorrow that you knew would result in you never being able to taste anything again, what would you choose for your (effectively) last meal?

My first thought, and the one I keep coming back to, is grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, and my mom's apple pie with vanilla ice cream. But I guess the philosophical question is whether to stick with something you know you love, or instead have a last hurrah and try something super-fancy because you'll never get another chance at it.

One of my dad's students started simply listing off various potato-based dishes. What about you folks?

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I'm thinking beautifully cooked steak with the hugest great onion rings and thrice fried chips, and peppercorn sauce. And for afters - chocolate torte, complete with dark choccy swirl on the top :)
It is indeed, especially when the toast is on the slightly blackened side (the butter tastes better that way!)

I'd have to have cheesy potato bake, nicely browned, probably with roast potatoes on the side, and garden peas, followed by an array of blackcurrant and raspberry sorbets with a fruit salad of strawberries and raspberries, pink lady apples and Charentais melon.