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Review: Star Trek Into Darkness; SPN 12.19

So I've started watching movies with the family again, after a long hiatus. We don't have a very good run so far--the Nickelodeon production based on a rebooted kid's cartoon is still probably the best of the lot. Star Trek: Into Darkness just continued the streak, which is a shame because the opening was rather promising. The opening voice-over felt like it could've come from the show; Kirk and Bones having a confab over confiscated booze was delightful; the awkward elevator ride with Kirk and Spock seemed like it might lead into a nice emotional backbone for the rest of the movie. But instead we got 90+ minutes of breathless action, with character arcs so shallow they might as well have been straight lines (and also a sound track that just didn't know when to shut up). It's almost like the beginning and end belong to one movie, and the middle hour and and half were spliced in from a different one (with lots of explosions). I'd still rank it above Dr. Strange--tonally, the thing was a lot more consistent, and they at least attempted to give the antagonist a backstory and logic for blowing everything up--but all around the thing was a disappointment.

"The Future" (SPN 12.19), on the other hand, definitely wasn't. I always go into the myth-arc episodes knowing that they're probably not going to be my cup of tea (I'm a monster-of-the-week gal, through and through), but this kept me engaged throughout. Everyone's actions flowed fairly believably from their underlying emotional states, and there were some nice character details. Lucifer felt properly creepy, Sam used past experience to come up with a clever idea, Dean got to display his mechanical know-how, and Cas--well, none of his actions really came as a surprise. Also, some of the visuals were quite lovely.

(Does anyone else have the feeling that this next bit leading into the finale might wind up clearing the decks a bit?)
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