A musical pseudonym

Borrowed from deadlybride/zmediaoutlet, who did this ages ago, but what can I say: as the internet measures things, I am a snail.

Rules: Write out your url in song titles (use each song/artist once)
My conclusion? Too many A's and R's.
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This took me a minute to actually get until I read the name running down the list, lol!! I may have to try this ♥ Some great songs there though :D
It's a fun way to give people a glimpse into your music collection. :D

Though all those A's and R's did give me a bit of trouble. :P
I'm gonna have a huge amount of L's lol! This should be a fun little exercise in making my brain work.
It really is--also, a good way to rediscover songs in your collection you'd forgotten about.