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Review: Max Steel, Dr. Strange, SPN 12.18

This past week, I watched both Max Steel and Dr. Strange (not my pick in either case), and against every expectation I'd have to say that the Max Steel is actually a better move than Dr. Strange, despite its various limitations: a) the humor was actually mostly integrated; b) you knew the villain a little better as a character even if his motivation was still just "give me the POWER"; c) the action scenes were decidedly less pointless; d) even though it still had the same "we/you're stronger together" bullcrap message, it at least had a payoff in the final showdown; e) the romance subplot actually went somewhere.

They were both paint-by-number movies, but Max Steel used more paint.

I'm not going to talk about Dr. Strange except to say that if you want a movie about a wealth, super-intelligent, selfish man turning into a self-sacrificial super hero, go watch Iron Man. If you want a movie with crazy visuals, go watch Inception or the Tron movies or even Star Trek: the motion picture (or if you want to stick to the MCU, I've been told the second Thor movie is also eye-candy). If you want a movie about a selfish western man becoming inducted into the ways of a mystical eastern cult and gaining magical powers that he uses for good, go watch ... um. The Shadow? Which isn't a good movie, but is campy enough to be enjoyable at times, whereas Dr. Strange is mostly just boring.

Anyhow, by comparison, the latest episode of Supernatural was an absolute masterpiece. From the eerie red lighting of the meatlocker scenes to the silly 'heist music' soundtrack of the BMoL stuff to the seriously creepy way they filmed the monster of the week--not to mention the banter between Sam and Dean in the diner....

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