Plans were to work on writing this week, and also pull together some more screen cap spam posts and such. Instead I'm beating my head against the template options over at Dreamwidth because I hate how things currently look. (This looks like it might be useful.) Although my posts have all been imported, yay--now we're just waiting on the comments.

It's a pain, though, because once I manage to get things looking more or less the way I want, I'll have to go through my flist and figure out who has Dreamwidth accounts, and then figure out who's actually moved so that I can set up RSS feeds because that's one area in which LJ > DW, as far as I'm concerned.

To reiterate the subject line: UGH

(Still not going anwhere: just trying to figure out how to keep from losing touch with those who are.)

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Template options are limited at DW for sure. Hopefully that will change as more people move over.
I'm going to keep my account here maybe until renewal in Dec. I'll reevaluate at that time but I have imported to DW and paid for the account I had that used to be free. I didn't care for the new rules but accepted only to get back into my account. I have to get to all the stuff I kept putting off here and I have joined up with some of the people I'm following here over on DW. I just tracked your blog over there.
I paid for my account over at DW and imported my stuff from here. I have a paid account until Dec here and then I will figure out what to do. I have a feeling most of my groups I follow will be going over there. I already hooked up with a few that have mirrored or moved. I'm tracking your blog on DW.
Yeah, I'm paid up through... September? Something like that. Figure I'll reevaluate then, and decide whether to shell out for paid perks on DW.
I've added you over there. (Thanks for the link, I'll take a look at that. It really looks a bit...ugh, like you said.)
I've found exactly one template that doesn't make me want to throw things--I wish you better luck!