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I bookmarked your other places and signed up for them. I don't know how long I will be
sticking with LJ. I want to get all my stuff off of here and I hope all the stuff I follow here have DW blogs. I don't like the user agreement but agreed to get all my stuff off.
The thing is, as someone pointed out on a different discussion platform, they haven't really changed anything. They've just ... forcefully reiterated the TOS.
They haven't done anything yet. Someone is going tpo have to go through all the communities and blogs to see
If people are following those rules. I have a feeling there will be communities deleted at that time. You notice they didn't even warn us, it was accept the TOS or you couldn't get back into you blog. No choice but to accept or not get into your blog which would have eventually been deleted. They have total control over what they can do to your blog and any information of any type you put there.