A miscellany of questions

borrowed from cloudiebub, via zmediaoutlet/deadlybride

  • are you a mountain or beach person? (beach in winter)

  • coffee or tea? (tisane)

  • smoothies or milkshakes? (fribble)

  • vanilla or chocolate? (vanilla)

  • sun or moon? (the inconstant moon)

  • traveler or homebody? (such a homebody it's ridiculous)

  • sunset or sunrise? (sunset)

  • mermaid or fairy? (mermaid, I guess; as a kid I'd spend so long in the pool I'd give myself mild hypothermia and have to go around in sweatpants and long sleeves despite it being the middle of august)

  • sunny days or rainy days? (...depends on whether I have to get things done or not)

  • watercolor or acrylic? (watercolor, but my preferred medium is ballpoint pen)


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I love reading the answers to these kinds of memes. <33 Though now I'm imagining you as a mermaid who transforms into varying degrees of human in accordance with the phases of the moon. Can't write with a ballpoint underwater, after all! (Yet!) :P