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Things I love about SPN 12.5-13

I am back! And still loving s12 of Supernatural, despite the long radio silence. Here, let me play a bit of catch-up (though hideously abbreviated, for the sake of time):

12.05- SO MUCH FUN. From Dean being being eminently himself at the antiques place (touching things he shouldn't be touching but also being super-observant and finding a hidden door), to Sam being indulgent and amused when Dean crows over having killed Hilter, the whole thing is just a fun romp in the "let's punch some Nazis!" vein. I especially loved how they fit in the Aaron cameo, showing us that he's still following up on the mission he took on at the end of 8.13.

12.06- Sam and Dean crashing at Jody's, her expression when they kiss her cheek, their obvious discomfort at the wake ... some lovely character stuff.

12.07- The car ride scene with Dean's LA rant and Sam's made-up history podcast, the cucumber water, those "rock band" outfits....

12.08 - Whatever you think of the writing, you can't deny that it's a gorgeous episode. Also, a grenade launcher!

12.09 - Another gorgeous, gorgeous episode; I especially loved the way they showed us the aftermath of Mr. Ketch.

12.10 - Sam and Dean jammed into the booth with Cas, a bit more info about Enochian magic, a plausible scenario for Cas to have 'recent' history on Earth prior to the attempted apocalypse.

12.11 - This whole episode. Augh. It might be right up there with "Baby" and a few others as something to watch when I just need something comfortable and full of Sam and Dean feelz. Also, Dean holds a bunny.

12.12 - Confession: I've never watched even a single Tarantino movie. Despite that, I still agree that it's a visual treat--so much fun to see them continue playing with visual styles. Also, the opening diner scene absolutely made my week.

12.13 - Dean poking at things that shouldn't be touched--but also remembering something very useful, Sam being deliciously smirky, Rowena proving that she can really hold a grudge, and Sam and Dean being entirely on the same page at the end. Oh--and some really creepy ghost effects.

Whew--didn't realize I was that far behind. But definitely a fun batch of episodes to revisit. Also, this new batch of writers is excellent--well done, Mr. Dabb.
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