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Fictional 2016 in review

Good morrow, masters all! I intended to be around more over this past week, but my family's been making a rather good attempt at 7 days of Christmas, since work schedules won't allow us the full 12.

Just for fun, here's the published fictional output for this past year, which kind of exploded into action in June. (Which makes sense; I was distracted by photography and screen caps prior to then.)

  • Retrofic: The Space Wars - In which the internet gets a glimpse into my spelling habits at age 8 or so.

  • If / And / Or - What was supposed to be a single SGA ficlet last year turns into 3.5 this year because I couldn't figure out how to get the prompt to work and so had to split it down into its parts. (Hence the title.)

  • The Family that Showers Together - A microscopic episode tag for SPN 11.08, because I couldn't help but wonder what happened to that poor bewildered mother.

  • Down the Arches of the Years - Another piece of retrofic, though of 10-year vintage this time. A bit more symbolism-heavy than I usually go for nowadays.

  • Don't You Know, Everyone Wants to Laugh - A comment ficlet, in which Jess tells Sam some of the dumbest jokes I could find on the internet.

  • One of These Days - In which Dean picks up where Jess left off, and Sam is platonically in love.

  • In Your Philosophy - The first of two fairly long-hanging WIPs that got finally finished. This one is basically a Naruto/SJC crossover, and I'm never ever doing a fic exchange again. Or at least not in a fandom I have almost zero knowledge of. Seriously, what on earth was I thinking? But really, this turned into an excuse for me to wallow in college nostalgia.

  • Falls the Night - Inspired by that, I managed to finish this, after something like 5 years. Apparently id fic for me involves minor characters that get killed off early in the show and an exploration of something weird, like what it might be like to see the future(s).

  • Tit for Tat - In which I basically wrote myself comment fic by accident/indulged in a tiny "what if" and got to give Sam and Dean a little respite in the middle of the agonies of late season 10.

  • Five Ways Things Might Have Jumped the Rails - This might be my favorite all year. It just turned out pretty much exactly as I hoped, and also gave me the opportunity to spawn a new genre: death-fluff.

  • Fic fragment: A Little to the Right - "In Your Philosophy" had a soft self-insert. This is self-insert of nearly the purest kind, except not my real name and also I got a little uncomfortable at using "myself" to derail the main driving plot of SPN, so I quit. But it was fun while it lasted!

  • Bunker childhood fic snippet - A brief preliminary sketch for the monster-long SPN AU deadlybride and I are currently working on. (26,600+ words and counting!)

  • WIP: Respite - In which Sam and Dean accidentally take a vacation betwen 11.05 and 11.06. Numbered as posted, but listed chronologically: five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | one | two | three | four

  • Poem: And So, Jacuzzis - A sonnet episode tag for SPN 11.17, because if the show's going to go all Shakespearean, I might as well follow suit.

Not a bad year fictionally, all told.
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