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Part 2, because of character limits
#4: The press release written by the drug company subsidizing a study that other news outlets just pushed out, but she took the time to back check. The example is excellent - those press releases are a large source of information - but her bragging about how CBS News is the only source that bothered to look deeper goes against her point about being cynical about what you read. "Don't trust anyone but CBS" is what this story says, and that's a problem.

Again, I'm not discounting her actual point - that we should be cynical of what we read, and increase our metaphorical sodium intake. There's another article ( that explains the astroturfing concept in the context of "viral" videos, and how they really aren't. Her good point is nearly obscured, though, by her presentation: this is a much more complex topic than the black-and-white portrayal she gave, nearly every example she uses is problematic, and the "everyone except me" story near the end paints her as a white knight of truth in a sea of lies.

So that's my rant for the day. :P Back to work.
Re: Part 2, because of character limits
In other words, it's a typical TED talk. :P

In other words--rant away! If you have a better video intro to astroturfing, I'd be happy to swap it in. But this is the first I've come across, and I do think it's something that should be brought to peoples' attention.