One of my Dad's students was involved in the making of this--but it's lovely enough that I'd want to share it anyway.


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Oh that is beautiful beyond words. The melody and the way in which the film itself seems to be lilting and soft, slow to reach it's conclusion but in a wonderfully relaxed way. I adore the idea behind it. Stunningly done. I'll be showing this to Steve later :) the guy's frustration at never capturing the girl is just so well done. I can feel it through the screen. It feels to me as though it's about not looking at life through the lens but actually living it from the other side of the camera, being involved not just recording. I found myself willing him to put down the camera (which is a lovely camera btw) and just go and speak to her. I was sat literally saying, "Go and speak to her."

Yes, I liked this very much!

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This was really beautiful! I love mini films. It's a wonderful challenge to tell a full story in such a short period of time.