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I know I've already said this on the previous posts, but I love back shots! And will forever be fond of SPN's grim hallway shots. I really like the school bus cap, too; there's something about the shadowiness of the figures and school building, coupld with the fact that it's supposed to be, well, a school (a nice place, they said!).

And lol, shoutout to that morgue scene again! Always. XD
I love the way they frame the back to the camera shots, they're never dull and you know even when you can't see a person's face you can see their emotion from the way the shot is angled. Lovely :)
Yup. :D

I am often impressed by how well J2, in particular, can act with their entire bodies. It's not just the expressions they wear on their faces, but also their carriage and how they interact physically with the people and objects surrounding.
This! Yes! The awards community needs to start stepping up, soon, or there's gonna be a riot!

Yes--the PCAs are nice, but it would be nicer if their peers publicly recognized their talent, and the incredible consistency of the show across the years.
Personally what pisses me off is the standard of acting. It may be genre but it knocks the HELL out of other shows and yet it STILL is unrecognised! *growls*