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Ah! I adore these. <33 Especially Dean from 2x02 and Jo from 2x06. Really, I just love backs in general. And napes. (And somewhat tangentially, I totally get those family name ~gangsta tattoos people get across their upper back/shoulderblades--total power position.)

Today I sat in on a talk about Chicana protest photography, and the speaker mentioned that shots of backs read very differently in that context--because while back shots, or turning one's back to someone, can be read as the subject closing themselves off from the shot or walking away from the interaction, there it was an expression of trust. Because you don't take your eyes off someone you don't trust, and show them your back. ANYWAY, that's my ephemeral tidbit for the day, which I thought about a lot while looking through these. <3
Hm. Yeah, it really can go both ways, can't it.

I too am very fond of backs and napes. Perhaps in part because in theater/film so much attention is on the actors' faces that it remains something of a novelty to not have that as the focus.