Theme prompts wanted

I feel like doing some themed SPN screen cap sets. Any suggestions? (e.g. No people; signs; hands; looking away from the camera; a color)

Feel free to specify season(s) and character(s).

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Kitchens/cookware! And on a related note, food would be interesting. No character/season preferences.
The most recent episode had me thinking a lot about the visual of stairs. Always so creepy and give the idea of something hidden and out of view. We had them in 12.02 and 12.04, but there were a lot of other eps like Safe House, where Bobby is looking down on the vision of Sam and Dean, etc.
Wide angle shots where the lads aren't the focus, no specific season :)
People shot through bars - I already brought this up, but I didn't know you took requests at the time so I'm bringing it up again. ♥
Seconding stair shots!

And shots set in urban locations.