Things I love about SPN 12.03

  1. Old-fashioned ghost hunt! Huzzah! And man, is that a creepy antique doll

  2. Boys eating breakfast together <3

  3. Mary's slightly ragged self-done haircut

  4. Lucifer's vessel is decaying (which confirms my suspicion that Cas was an aberration--cool!)

  5. Cas's dumb trying-to-fix-his-hair-in-the-side-mirror thing

  6. The medical examiner at the morgue--poor thing! Just trying to do/keep his job

  7. The fold-up bed in the Winchester motel room

  8. The county record's guy response to Mary on the phone (confession: at work, I quite frequently am that guy)

  9. Crowley being relentlessly (and unsentimentally) practical (also: that Crowley can zap into the house but Cas needs to be let in--very neat bit of lore continuity)

  10. Sam and Dean continuing their tradition of talking out personal stuff while digging up/burning out a grave

  11. Rowena is a complete BAMF

  12. Dean being now 5/5 for breaking family/friends out of a possession just by pure force of ... love or faith or whatever

  13. The acting in the closing scene, good gravy. It's fine, I didn't need a functional heart anyway.

Especially, for me, #9, 10, 12, 13…..