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Things I Liked an Awful Lot About SPN 12.02

...This is going to be long. Not because this is my favorite episode ever, but because a) it's dang solid and b) I have a point to make. Also, I accidentally turned it into a running commentary on the episode.

  1. Very effective whiplash from "then" to "now"

  2. Sam keeps dodging Toni's questions, even though he's under mind control or whatever.

  3. Dean's definitely clever with the real estate thing.

  4. Dean and Cas's conversation about Mary--priceless!

  5. I love Mary's struggles with technological terminology

  6. Aaand they're actually addressing Mary's role in Azazel's plan!

  7. Good GOLLY is Toni creepy. Heebie Jeebies! But a sign of good writing/acting

  8. Pretty sure Mary's wearing mostly Dean's shirts and stuff--she definitely has the henley/flannel combo going

  9. This reboot of Cas is fun

  10. Dean's little "oh boy" after Mary putting her foot down about coming along... <3

  11. They managed to make Rowena almost adorable. How is that possible? I actually feel kind of sorry for her. Though who knows how long her date would've survived once she had him hooked.

  12. It's kind of interesting having this backstage look at a rock star right after the behind-the-scenes episode of the wrestling league.

  13. Also, more mirror shots! I love mirror shots.

  14. And I like his bandmate Tommy. Seems like a solid bro.

  15. Interesting that here we have yet another guy who lost the girl he loved and is being hunted/seduced by Lucifer

  16. Mary being smart

  17. Blood from faucet! Gross but rad!--TPTB sure weren't kidding about going old-school

  18. Full-blown horror movie stuff with Vince--delicious

  19. Lucifer in full seduction mode is fabulous

  20. Lucifer's red irises are a nice little echo to that moment when he first shows up in the pseudo-cage.

  21. "This is witchcraft, not Google maps" is a fabulous line.

  22. "He has an aura. Supreme evil" - oh Crowley, this is why I don't care that they've kept you around for so long.

  23. Some interesting parallel stuff they seem to be setting up with Mary vs. Rowena, in again vs. trying to get out--definite possibilities.

  24. Crowley being delicious and ruthless.

  25. Dean, your FACE, what are you DOING with it (as he tries to come up with a polite way to keep Mary from coming with him)

  26. (Also, everyone's acting is so fabulous. i can say that just about every episode, but wow, it's really, really good.)

  27. Dean being "sneaky" is delicious

  28. Brotherly reunion!!!!!

  29. Crowley going for sulfuric acid is both unexpected and nasty

  30. Some nice SFX on Lucifer

  31. I love the teeny tiny convo they have while she's out--very "you're actually alive" "yeah, I'll tell you later. Let's get out of this first". A huge amount of emotion underneath, but completely suppressed by the situation.

  32. (SAM'S FACE)

  33. Toni is so creeeeeeeeeepy (I hate her, but she's a well-written character, that's for sure)

  34. Sam being so desperate to stop Toni's assault on Dean somehow, while Dean's being stoic as best he can.


  36. SAM'S FACE

  37. The fight between Mary and Toni is dang brutal

  38. Dean being dang clever and saving Mary from Toni

  39. "She can face those consequences right here and now"--that's full-blown Taken right there and it is delicious.

  40. Dean's stoneface during Mick's little monologue.

  41. Mick is an interesting character--can't really figure out his angle yet.

  42. Fried chicken on the map table! That's kind of adorable.

  43. That little exchange about Mary not actually cooking the fabulous meatloaf of Dean's childhood. His expression! Sam's expression! It's all marvelous and layered and fascinating.

  44. Dean finally gets his pie! After, what, 3 seasons now?

  45. "Call the internet"! I love it. "So close" I love it so much.

  46. Sounds like the book of the damned might be coming into play again

  47. Some interesting editing in this episode--cut straight from Lucifer locking up Rowena, to Sam knocking on Mary's door and coming in.

  48. (I kind of love their lipstick-rimmed mugs)

  49. SAM'S FACE

  50. John's journal makes a reappearance

  51. SAM'S FACE (good gravy Jared, you are a good actor)

  52. The Mary and Sam hug!!!!

  53. The music cue at the end of the Mary and Sam scene

  54. Dean hiding in his kitchen, where on occasion he makes delicious burgers for his brother (from scratch), looking at photos of his mom, working on his third beer (love the reach back over his head to get the bottle)

  55. Mary's turn for a gratuitous mirror shot.

  56. I like the touch of the Winchester's injuries all being gone, while Toni's still all banged up--a reminder that they have an angel on their side and she doesn't.

  57. Mr. Ketch remains mysterious and a bit worrisome.

  58. YAY! That was a very good episode, just like I knew it would be.

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