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So true. And great minds thinking alike. Sheila at just posted her recap on AHBL2 episode and was talking about Rembrandt lighting on the scene with Sam's dead body and again when they are gathered around Bobby's table.

Ten seasons later and the show is still filled with those dusky greys and blues that are so gorgeous.

That final scene of s12 premiere is another one that was reminiscent of that palette.
Yeah--there were a few wobbles along the way (as Sheila does go on about at length, from time to time), but in my opinion the show is definitely firmly back into the "breath-taking beauty" category. :D
Ooh. These are all so lost and lonely - with the dusky color scheme and the negative space and the looking away and the absence of discernible expressions.

Tiny Chuck clinging to Sam's chest does kinda make me crack up though.
I didn't realize until I started posting them that they all shared those visual themes--but felt pretty chuffed when I did. :)