Things I loved about SPN 12.01

  1. So much continuity! And so deftly woven in that even though I was going "oh, continuity!" while watching, I can't pick out specific instances in retrospect.

  2. I was a bit nervous about how they'd handle Mary, but I liked this. She's bewildered but not baffled, and definitely not in distress. And, as I would have hoped--had I thought this far--she'd heard of the MoL as an urban legend-type-thing, and is able to roll with some of the punches because of her family's background as hunters.

  3. Sam's bare toes (and Jared's ability to act with his feet).

  4. The Mystery Spot billboard--completely unnecessary, entirely delightful.

  5. Thos magic brass knuckles--even though Sam and Dean (and Cas) get taken down by women who are significantly smaller than them, in both cases the women have a significant technological/magical advantage.

  6. That the guys keep a gun hidden under the table in the war room

  7. Wet Sam (sorry Sam, you're just so lovely when wet); also, the jerry-rigged setup for his involuntary shower.

  8. Dean obviously holding things together for Mary's sake--except for the phone incident.

  9. Dean reusing the traffic camera trick that Frank taught him (oh hey, there's one of those continuity moments).

  10. Sam's slight of hand with the broken mirror.

  11. The ending music cue--combined with the gorgeous camera work and Jared's acting, I was definitely tearing up a little.

  12. I know some people were irked by them, but I loved the bitchy demons. Dabb stuck them in at just the right points to keep me from freaking out over what was happening with Sam, and used them to remind us that demons can switch bodies willy-nilly.

I'm so glad you are still doing this! Thank you for spreading the positive… (2, 6, 7, 8, 9, especially for me!)

I'm looking forward to finding out the real story behind the British MoL - I really can't believe that the story as we were told it in this opening episode is the real one - way too many nonsensical statements. Not the least of which was the fact that stealing Sam's phone would have gotten them all the Hunter info they could ever have wanted - or that the Winchesters have knowledge of anyway. With such a wall of Winchester as we saw in the finale, they had no info at all on any other hunter? It just doesn't track…. And the seventy odd years they let the American branch of the MoL go uninvestigated?

I was on first watch a bit surprised at Dean's seeming lack of urgency once he was aware that Sam was hurt and missing. But the guy has also been up for how many days straight and narrowly escaped being a bomb and just reunited with his mother, so on re-watch I appreciated the need for processing time. And the Ackles Award for the hug face…. wow.

Sam's torture was hard to watch, especially knowing that he feels himself all alone. And I really really need some sort of explanation on why those Brits felt it was so necessary. They seemed really wary of him, and scared (rightly so) of his brother coming after him, and yet they insisted that he - chained up and powerless - was 'making them do this'. Doesn't add up. Something else going on here, I suspect.

{thanks, also, for the songs and poems - I've enjoyed them even when too rushed to comment}

Re: positives
Yeah, it definitely feels like there's more going on with the BMoL than Toni was letting on. But I do love that they're running with what Olivette mentioned in s10 about there being MoL bunkers scattered all over Europe--one of my favorite things about this show is how they'll take two sentences from an earlier episode and 2 (or more) seasons later really flesh it out into a major element of the show moving forward.

Dean's probably in emotional shock as much as anything, yeah. Jensen played it beautifully throughout.

The "making them do this" is a pretty standard line for torture--or at least, torture as it's portrayed in TV and the movies. It's a way of screwing with the victim's head, of making them feel like they're complicit in what's being done to them: "Just tell me what I need to know, and I can stop doing this to you." So I wasn't much phased by that.

(Glad you've been enjoying them! I've been having picking them out. :D )
Re: positives
re: you made me do it
I guess I'm not familiar enough with the genre - Supernatural is really the only show of its kind that I've ever seen. (I've led a sheltered life.) I can understand the psychology of the technique as you describe it, but I had been thinking it meant something more significant. In a way, though, this means that Toni and Ms Watts (?) are still following some sort of standard script? I just can't wrap my head around what their end game might be…
Re: positives
I'm basing my assumption off the handful of spy shows/movies I've watched--it's not a genre I'm particularly fond of.

I just can't wrap my head around what their end game might be...

Me either! But I'm definitely looking forward to finding out! :D