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SPN DVD covers

So, in honor of season 12 premiering tonight, here are some fake DVD covers I threw together super-fast. Can anyone ID each episode used?

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These are all lovely pieces of work. Not looking at other people's answers - I'm guessing S1 is Wendigo, looks like cave walls.

S2 could be the one with Tricia Helfer's ghost. The pavement looks wet and I think that one had rain in it.

S3 looks like Sam running down an alley. Maybe the episode with vampire Gordon, I think that was Fresh Blood.

S4 I couldn't begin to guess which is too bad because that's the season I've rewatched the most.

S5 I think is the one with the adorable Antichrist because I don't remember many other S5 episodes with prominent shots of suburbia.

S6 is another stumper. I'm going to guess the episode where Grandpa Campbell and Rufus bite it because it looks like it might be a warehouse.

S7 l0oks like the Alpha Vampire's mansion so I'll say the penultimate episode.

S8 I don't know, looks like a girl sitting in the road. Maybe a ghost. Was there a ghost hunt in S8?

S9 I'm thinking The Purge because Sam and Dean look like they might be wearing fewer layers than usual.

S10 is the iconic one - Soul Survivor. Demon Dean's most chilling moment.

S11 is the one where they work a parallel flashback case with Bobby and Rufus.
3 - the fake telephone calls episode

4 - the high school flashback episode--but I didn't expect anyone to guess it.

6 - the one where they team up with Cas and Meg to try and take down Crowley

8 - Citizen Fang--that's Benny's granddaughter sitting on the porch after the thing with Martin (?) goes down, to escape the gore

11 - Actually, the banshee episode.

I think you've done the best of everyone so far. :)