burn notice!

Obligatory political post, I suppose

Dear Lord, I am such a moral coward. These people aren't, though. Thank goodness for them. (Though let me weep for my country. And still have hope.)

...I kind of hope no one notices this. Because, as I said, I'm a moral coward, and it's really much easier if I just pretend to go along. I like my fandom friendships and don't want to risk rupturing them over a disagreement in the voting booth. But I've been feeling pretty heavily convicted about this the last few days, so this is the digital equivalent of me whispering my opinion in the middle of a crowded room.

(O God, I am such a coward.)
I am suspicious of the value of being honest, as my life is also lying by omission, but in the opposite direction: because of my family and my reenacting hobby I spend a lot of my time in conservative circles. Most people only know that I was born female, married a man when we were 23, go to church, am really involved with my family, own several hunting rifles, and like cooking and sewing, so they extrapolate from there. Whereas the reality is that I'm a polyamorous genderqueer pro-choice pro-gun control atheist - yknow, one of those awful people who is ruining America. But it's important to me and my spouse to keep our families happy and be respectful towards our friends who have very different political opinions (or alternatively, to keep quiet so they won't lecture us), so I largely keep this to myself. My occasional desire for honesty isn't as important as being quiet members of our community.

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And that is your choice--I wouldn't presume to make it for you, and don't judge you for acting as you think best suits your circumstance. But given some of the blind (and vitriolic) assumptions being made about those who think as I do, I'd finally reached the point where I had to at least murmur an objection or not be able to look anyone in the eye.

Figuratively speaking, of course.

Perhaps--perhaps after the ugliness of this election has been settled in one direction or the other, there may be space to sit down and ask each other, "why do you think and believe as you do?" But tempers in general seem to be running much too high for that at the moment.