burn notice!

Obligatory political post, I suppose

Dear Lord, I am such a moral coward. These people aren't, though. Thank goodness for them. (Though let me weep for my country. And still have hope.)

...I kind of hope no one notices this. Because, as I said, I'm a moral coward, and it's really much easier if I just pretend to go along. I like my fandom friendships and don't want to risk rupturing them over a disagreement in the voting booth. But I've been feeling pretty heavily convicted about this the last few days, so this is the digital equivalent of me whispering my opinion in the middle of a crowded room.

(O God, I am such a coward.)

From what I see, your on-line interaction (at least on LJ) is primarily fannish, rather than explicitly political. I do not get the impression that you are, on-line, an activist or a lobbyist for any ideological position.

In general I would consider keeping quiet on-line about one's personal political opinions to be self-control. discretion and politeness appropriate to a mature adult, rather than cowardice.

Plus, you are not obliged to talk about anything that you don't want to talk about. Just being are on-line doesn't oblige you to share more than you want to share.

Also (and how comforting you may find this I don't know), it is perfectly possible to maintain civil relations with people whose opinions and beliefs one considers mad, stupid or even actively evil. It is not necessary for civilised social interaction to always let people know what you really think. "Miss Manners' Guide To Excruciatingly Correct Behaviour" is very helpful in this situation.

I haven't followed your links because I'm not from the US and what you all want to do in your own nation is your own business; though of course the reactions from the rest of the world will have an effect on the US too, "no nation is an island" etc, even the ones that actually are.

A cup of tea and a biscuit, consumed calmly and at leisure, is good for stress.
Well, when it keeps popping up in your friends feed, there comes a point at which saying nothing begins to feel like lying by omission. I feel the need to make clear somewhere that I disagree. That the opposite opinion can be held by someone who's not insane.