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Get to know y'all meme

Borrowed (yet again) from zmediaoutlet/deadlybride--though really, it should be "get to know you guys". I'm from the area surrounding Philly, so it's never "y'all", always "you guys". (And never "gals" unless it's someone trying a little too hard to be sensitive. It's "guys". Everyone is guys. Gosh, that word is starting to turn into gibberish, I've typed it so many times in a row now.) I think I'm supposed to tag peole to answer this in return--while I'm always interested to see other peoples' answers, it feels like prying to name anyone in particular.

NAME/NICKNAMES: Brat (yeah, I'm a little shy with my RL name)

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5′4"

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Huffleclaw, apparently.

FAVOURITE COLOR: Very dark blue (but not navy blue)

LAST THING I GOOGLED: "Harry Potter sorting quiz". Because I am lame. Last curiosity-based Google search? Sighthounds, because of a comment on this post by anna_wing comparing elves and men.

FICTIONAL CHARACTER YOU’D LIKE AS A SIBLING: Presuming it's just the character, and they don't bring their story arcs along--maybe Odd Thomas. I always sort of wanted a brother growing up, and he seems like a person that would encourage by example those around him to be kind and thoughtful and patient. Not to mention he seems like someone I could have off-the-wall conversations with (like my sister), and he could make me pancakes (he's a short order cook by trade) and maybe French toast. Yum.

NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP WITH: 1 in the summer, up to 6 in the winter. (My family has a thing about keeping the heat cranked all the way down at night. My room is right beneath the roof. It gets cold.)

FAVORITE BAND/ARTISTS: Steeleye Span. Over the Rhine. The Fellowship. Down Like Silver. The Unseen Guest. But honestly, I kind of go more by album than by artist/band. For instance, deadlybride introduced me to Hozier--and I adore half the songs from that first album and can't really stand the other half. I am super-picky about pretty nearly everything, including music. (But the stuff I like I listen to/read/watch on repeat until I've memorized it.)

DREAM VACATION: I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but either a revisit to Iceland (more time in hinterlands, less in the capital) or a roadtrip across the old US of A. Both my parents did it while growing up, but our family never managed to, thanks to my dad always having course overloads in the summers.

WHAT I’M WEARING RIGHT NOW: Pajamas and an oversized, super-warm wool sweater discarded by my dad. It has suede elbow patches and everything. (NB: this post was created on a Sunday morning)

WHEN DID I MAKE THIS BLOG: June 24, 2006--summer between sophomore and junior years of college. 10 years and going strong. :D

HOW MANY BLOGS DO I FOLLOW: My profile says 41, but I think at least half of them are functionally dead, so... 20? Maybe? 25 tops. (I am such an introvert.)

WHAT DO I POST ABOUT: Well, historically, whatever my current fandom is--which will probably remain Supernatural for a good long while yet. But I try to balance the fandom stuff with regular music/poetry/reviews/memes/polls/etc. posts, so that even if you don't care about SPN there's still stuff of interest. I used to use it a bit as a place to vent about school/work, but that hasn't been the case for a while now. Not much to vent about, really.

DO YOU GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS: This is a Tumblr question, but I can answer for there--Never. The equivalent for LJ is a little tricky to come up with. Hm. Let's just say that 99% of the time people are simply responding directly to what I've posted.

AESTHETIC: Clean and simple if at all possible. "Functional" trumps "nice to look at", but "both" is preferred. Details matter a lot. If we're talking real world stuff, I'm most comfortable with old things--I grew up almost exclusively with hand-me-downs and heirlooms, and feel almost uncomfortable with something that's brand new and unblemished. (One exception: books. I like pristine, sewn hardbacks over pretty much everything, and will buy replacement copies even of nice paperbacks.) If we're talking digital stuff, simplicity and legibility over almost everything. Textblock-width is important, and sufficiently high contrast, and formatting matters, folks.
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