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Meme: 11

Taken from zmediaoutlet/deadlybride. Because I'm lazy, I'm only answering the questions, not coming up with any of my own, or tagging anyone. (Whoo!)

1. What’s your earliest memory? My early memories are all so fragmented that I can't really arrange them in any kind of order, but here are a few: sitting under a flipped-over large box (fridge, maybe?), practicing crowing like Peter Pan (we had a CD of the Mary Martin version of the musical)--I thought, because I was inside the box, I didn't have to worry about anyone overhearing me. Our dog jumping up on the kitchen table and eating my cereal before I could get to it. Getting dragged off our back stairs when the wind blew our screen door open, dangling from the door handle, and the letting go and dropping 7 feet onto the concret below (and then freaking out when the ER nurse tried to cover my face with a pillow so I wouldn't freak out over getting stitches in my chin. Well done there, ER nurse.)

2. Have you had a major turning point in your life? What was it? Turning in my FAFSA form late when I was applying for college. Because of the resulting year's delay, I have my current job, my best friend, and no student loans. \o/

3. If you could “create” full time–music, art, writing, whatever–what would you do? Would you even want to do it full time? The default answer is 'write', but I suspect it would actually be greeting cards. I actually have the beginnings of a line of cards buried in a pile of papers somewhere--featuring a turtle, and a little dude, and porcupines and whatever other animals I could get to match style-wise. I don't know how much is required to do that kind of thing full time, but, you know what, I totally would want to do it. If I knew I could make a living off it, I absolutely would.

4. You have one month that you can spend anywhere in the world, doing anything you want, with no repercussions (not monetary, legal, or interpersonal). What do you do? Go to Iceland, hike and take photos. Or else roadtrip across the US, because I've never been further west than Gettysburg.

5. If you could have a private conversation with someone usually unattainable (a world leader, a celebrity, even someone dead)–who would it be, and what’s the first question you would ask? Jensen Ackles. And the question I'd ask is, "Is there a question/kind of question you wish people would ask at conventions?" (Of course, the trick to picking Jensen as my unattainable person means I'd probably get Jared too, given that they're basically tethered at the hip.) Because they do tend to get asked the same things over and over--there has to be something he'd enjoy sharing but just never has occasion to.

6. What’s the first song you remember loving? Do you still love it? The swinging song my dad made up when I was very small. I can still remember most of it... To and fro, here we go // see the ground down there below // I love you and you love me // we're swinging, swinging under the tree....

7. Let’s say you’re transported back in time, and you get an opportunity to redo your university education (or get to do it for the first time, as appropriate). Would you study the same thing? Or would you turn your life in a different direction, and study something else–and what would it be? Would you drop out entirely? If I could redo my college eduction, I would change exactly one thing: I would follow my gut and ask the then-assistant dean (and my sophomore tutor, who I was very comfortable with and always stopped to say hello even once she was assistant dean) to be my senior essay advisor, instead of listening to someone else and asking a tutor I didn't really like but was apparently keen on Shakespeare (I wrote about a chunk of the Henriad). That is my only real regret. Because good golly gee, she and I were not a good fit. At all.

8. If you could live in a fictional universe of your choice–would you? If so: would you want to be a “regular person,” or would you rather be associated with the protagonists of that universe? Narnia, probably. For a visit, at least. To just hang out and explore, although I suspect it would be better for me to get swept up in an adventure, as there are generally lessons learned by the end of it. I could probably use some of that.

9. Do you trust your memory? Mostly? I guess? Though I'm always very aware that memories alter themselves the more frequently we revisit them.

10. Are you a very emotional person, or are you more likely to respond to things rationally? (Do you ever wish you were the opposite way?) Rational, I think. (Though you'd have to ask the people I spend time with.) Over the years I've become pretty good at talking myself out of/through funks by telling myself this too shall pass. And it always does. It probably also helps that my instinct when feeling overly emotional/angry/whatever is to basically freeze and wait for my brain to start working again.

11. What was your favorite birthday celebration you’ve ever had? (Or are you the type who’d rather not celebrate your birthday–and, if so, what do you wish you could do instead? 17th, maybe? We had a young couple over from church (they'd spent a fair bit of time with my family over the previous year), and we spent the entire afternoon blowing bubbles--it was pretty much the most magical time I've ever had. I don't remember if there were presents or cake or anything--but there sure were a lot of bubbles! :D
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