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WoL Wednesday: #CelebrateThisEpisode

Originally posted by bratfarrar at WoL Wednesday: #CelebrateThisEpisode

When I ran #RedeemThisEpisode last month on WoL Wednesdays, I had some very vehement requests to do a #CelebrateThisEpisode post next--which is actually pretty handy timing, because CW's #SupernaturalDay was yesterday. (Apparently it's aaaall about the hashtags this time around.)

So: let's do some celebrating! Name a couple of your favorite episodes, and then let's start listing all the things we love about them--same format as before, so it would look like this, with each episode getting its own starting comment:


  • All of the Bela Lugosi Dracula references! Jamie and Dean flirting (and Jamie being funny and brave and fully appreciating Dean. Just--Jamie <3)! Dracula on a moped!!!!


  • NIGHT MOVES. (etc.)

You guys remember this, right? Then let's get to the partying!

And just a small reminder--the point of this is to celebrate the things we each love about an episode, so if you disagree with someone or can't stand one of the episodes listed, please be kind and think twice before commenting.

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