#Supernatural Day

So, today is apparently the official day to celebrate Supernatural. Seems a bit superfluous, given that every day is "celebrate Supernatural" day around here, but sure! Why not?

12 Favorite Episodes:
(all of these are in order that I think of them, nothing more)

  1. "Mystery Spot" - The gargling. The perfect acting (and cinematography). The dead brother burger. The HUG.

  2. "Baby" - NIGHT MOVES. Diegetic sound for the entire episode. The perfect acting and cinematography. The dream/vision sequence (perfection). Sam flirting while he waits for change. (Everything, just about)

  3. "Ghostfacers" - It's kind of stupid how happy this episode makes me. Sam being forced to wear a birthday hat! The boys swearing up down and all over. Getting to see from the outside just how in sync they are with each other.

  4. "Monster Movie" - *rolls around in it* I love EVERYTHING about this episode. My love has only grown, now that I've watched Bela Lugosi's Dracula. (EVERYTHING)

  5. "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" - It's stupid, but I love it. I love it so, so much. This is one of my instant-happiness episodes. (Shark week, man. Whole week of sharks!)

  6. "Tall Tales" - I'm laughing just thinking about this one. "Lady In Red", good golly. Purple nurples. "Blah blah blah blah". Rolling around on the bed like six-year-olds. <3

  7. "Ask Jeeves" - I dropped ... well, a pretty big chunk of change on aaaalllll the other season because of this episode. This episode is what turned me into a die-hard fan. Is it dumb that the panic room locks from the outside? Yes, but I don't care.

  8. "The Werther Project" - Stefan, I love you. I'm so glad the show seems to be keeping you. Keep directing episodes like this one. Also, Robert Berens, keep writing episodes like this one. I love you too.

  9. "About a Boy" - Sam's FACE when itty-bitty Dean shows up. "Maybe I should drive?" Tina is so rad.

  10. "Thin Lizzie" - Squeezy-thing! Fake haunted house! Sam and Dean each trying to get the other to tell Len about his soullessness (their little silent fight about it in the car)! Jared giving himself a stomach ache by eating 5 burgers while shooting the last scene!

  11. "Just My Imagination" - SPARKLE. Dean's little ninja move! "I'm sorry, that was over the line." "Fat's the best."

  12. "Babylon Hollywood" - Say it with me: EVERYTHING. Just--everything.

12 Favorite Favorite Screen Caps:
(don't expect these to make any sort of sense. Half of them are just what I have rotating through my desktop wallpapers.)

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Gorgeous screencaps are gorgeous! *flails*

Two of your top twelve are in my personal top ten, too. Which is kind of funny, considering you're all about the humour and I'm all about the angst (to oversimplify matters) - but in SPN these things usually go together, right? :)
My top 12 is so unscientific it's kind of stupid--it's really more my "top 30-40 episodes, but these were the ones I happened to think of first" list. :P

More favorites:
- Wishful Thinking
- Family Remains
- And Then There Were None
- Asylum
- Night Shifter
- Blade Runners
- Everybody Hates Hitler (sorry--I know this one bugs you, but there are so many things about it that I love)
- Bitten (I know a lot of people don't like this one, but I have a stupid amount of affection for it!)

...I could just keep going. It might actually be more like 75-100 favorite episodes. (It might be more like 150-200+ favorite episodes. There's only a handful of episodes I actually don't like, and when I get myself to rewatch them, I usually find they're pretty okay.)

Anyhow, out of curiosity: which 2 episodes d0 we overlap on?
Mystery Spot and Monster Movie. :)

(I never knew you had so much affection for Bitten - sorry I kept bitching about it...)
Well, I know it's stupid, and totally get why other people don't like it. But I get a kick out of seeing Sam and Dean completely from the outside, as it were, and find it fun to try and figure out how many of the camera angles are 'genuine', so to speak.

And it's interesting to see what a case looks like from the other side--which is probably the same reason I'm softer on "Bloodlines" than 99% of fandom.