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Review: Persuasion (1995)

Watched this on deadlybride's recommendation, and I have to second it: if you're at all a fan of period dramas/Jane Austin/regency romances/beautiful cinema/exquisite acting....

Get your hands on this movie and watch it. Pronto.

  1. It's flat out gorgeous--like watching an enormous moving painting (with the exception of a single scene, which is easily carried by emotional weight and perfect acting). So many scenes where I would've paused it had I been watching it alone and simply stared. The cinematography is breathtaking.

  2. As I just mentioned, it's beautifully acted, especially on the part of the actress playing Anne--never any doubt what she was going through emotionally, even though she (almost) never speaks a word of it to anyone.

  3. Admittedly, it's been a while since I've read the book (must remedy that), but the script easily matches the broad strokes of my memory, and the dialog is exquisite. So much nuance, so much subtext. And it all sounds perfectly natural.

  4. A small aside, but the soundtrack includes some really lovely period music. Not movie-score music, but the real stuff.

  5. Another small aside: going back to the acting, the admiral is an absolute doll and I love him in the book--the actor managed to take that quality and bump it up even more. I felt relief to the point of joy whenever he appeared: finally someone in the scene who's not going to take advantage of Anne.

  6. The whole thing is artistic without feeling artificial, which is not an easy feat, especially for films.

  7. Go watch this movie.

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