Headcanon meme

Borrowed from themegalosaurus: Send in a character (SGA and SPN only, please) and a word from this list and I will write a headcanon based on that.

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Affection -- SPN, please! I'm not familiar with SGA. :)
Well, since you haven't included a character, I'll have to go with... okay, you get a bonus 2-for-1.

Sam-and-Dean: It may have started as part of a squabble ("You're a jerk, Dean!" "Yeah, well, you're a little bitch. Now go finish packing so we can get out of here. I told you we'd be leaving soon, so I don't know why you're crying about it now.") but it stuck around for some reason, and by now long years of use have worn it smooth and comforting, like a touchstone traded back and forth between the two of them. (A blank, stamped postcard dropped into Sam's duffle after Dean makes a run for groceries. "You're still a jerk," Sam says, pretending he's not sniffing to hold back tears again, but the reason for them's not the same. "Yeah? Well, you're still a bitch." But all of the harshness is gone from Dean's tone this time, and it's as good as an apology.)
It isn't until the last few years spent interacting with the Winchesters that Crowley realizes his human self had really never understood what the word meant. That it wasn't just weakness or betrayal or encumbrance--but strength and loyalty and endless sacrifice that somehow made you stronger.

Made you easier to manipulate, too, but somehow with the Winchesters that never quite worked out the way he planned, in the long run.

Very, very occasionally he finds himself contemplating the things he could accomplish if only he could trust his mother to serve his purposes instead of trying to bend him to her own ends.
You're very welcome--it was fun! I haven't really done anything with Crowley before, so it was interesting to explore how he might think about things.
I have done some Crowley introspective, plus some ficcage, I love being in his head!
Sam's hair is ... Sam's hair. Maybe once, years and years ago, he'd started growing it longer as a way of distinguishing his normal self from his military/hunter background. But now, it's simply the way he wears it. He likes the way it feels, is used to the way it looks.

He tries to keep it off his collar in deference to their standard FBI facade, but that's really the only external factor.
Love this!!

I especially loved how Sam let his hair grow really long the year he was not hunting.
Yup--that's what's behind my thinking that he keeps it trimmed a little higher now in connection with his commitment to continuing hunting (and so pretending to be a federal agent).

Scars -- SPN (Forgot to list a character, so let's go with John Winchester!)

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Hm. Don't have much the way of headcanon for John. Lemme think about this.


Being in the military taught him the value of ranged weapons and 'underhanded' tactics, so he has fewer scars than most hunters who make it to his age. The worst scars are the oldest, from when he needed to sew himself up or as Dean started to learn how. But the scars from after that are mostly barely-visible lines, tribute to Dean's steady hand and meticulous stitches--better than an apology, he'd told a young and tearful Dean after a hunt nearly gone fatally awry, and his boy had taken that to heart.
Once they get used to the quiet of the bunker, both Sam and Dean are delightedto finally have their own spaces. They don't have to worry about waking the other one up in the night, or being awoken; they can sleep in or get up early with affecting each other; they each have a bit of space that's theirs.

And having mattresses that don't smell of unidentifiable substances or too much laundry detergent is also pretty nice. It's easier to fall asleep when you're not worrying about the possibilities of bed bugs.

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And a bonus answer, because I was talking with someone about my previous answer and this came up:

[7:12] I suspect Sam thinks of it more in terms of conveniences, rather than "his own space".

Although he does protest about it being his room in ... 11.22?

Which of course begs the question of where he went while Lucifer was sulking in there.

My headcanon about that is he bedded down in Dean's room (dragged in a mattress, maybe), just because.... Well, because.

And Dean doesn't say a thing. Might even have been the one to suggest it.
It's always a question of justice, of protection and security, he tells himself. Simply filling his role as the expedition's military commander. (But he second-guesses himself sometimes at night, when he's safe in the dark, with only Atlantis and himself to stand judge and jury.)