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My god, these are amazing. #2, 3, and 4 here especially--but also that shot of Crowley's(?) shackled feet on the devil's trap on the floor.

I'm really in love with that green shackle one--the shaft of light, the way it makes the space feel so enclosed even as it takes this aerial view, which would typically suggest expanse. The grungy floor.

If you don't mind my asking, which episode's didn't you watch/what was the impetus for the block?
Yup, that's Crowley.

Let's see...901, 903, 906, 909, 910, 921, 922, and part of 923. It's a combo of arc-heavy and Cas-as-human episodes--and hitting season 9 in my marathon just as season 10 was coming to a close, if I remember correctly. So season 10's finale distracted me from finishing season 9 properly.

It wasn't the brother angst, if that's what you were wondering--I've watched "Purge" a whole bunch of times, and "Captives" and "#THINMAN". It's more just that I have an embarrassment squick the size of Montana and also tend to be only loosely invested in the season arcs. MotW-type episodes are my bread and butter; I only care about the arcs because the Winchesters do.
I don't think I was wondering anything in particular; it's just intriguing, because I'm a total completionist, and I cannot imagine leaving episodes hanging, haha. XD (This is why I watched three seasons of Weeds before deciding that it was acceptable to stop watching, even though there were still three more seasons. And I knew I didn't like Weeds from THE PILOT. XP)

And I hear you on the distractingness of S10, haha, though for me it wasn't so much S10's MOTWs. I just really liked the Mark of Cain. \O/ \O/ S6 was my favorite season until I was like, BUT S9 THOUGH. And then came S10 and I was like BUT S10 THOUGH. Of course, now that I'm rewatching S6 I'm just like BUT S6 THOUGH all over again. XDDD But why stop at one favorite when you can go for the four-way, really.
But why stop at one favorite when you can go for the four-way, really.

Amen to that!

I'm keenly aware of those episodes I haven't watched yet--they just don't quite nag enough for me to get around to them. There's so much other shiny, lovely stuff it's distracting! Like my new s11 DVDs. (yay!)
I may not always comment but I do really appreciate all the work you are doing to cap and post these pics.
I'm glad you're enjoying them! I do worry a little sometimes about spamming people (hence the tag "screen cap spam"), but they're all so pretty I can't resist.
There are some fucking stunning shots in here, I have faves, obviously, but of those faves I think the bloody bullet and Sam's silhouette have gotta take the award.
Oh yes. I love both of those shots A LOT.

(I love all of them a lot. As you can tell. It's like one of those questions where there's really no wrong answer. You know, "just pick something off the menu! It's all fabulous.")