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I will forever hold a special spot in my heart for the Impala repair scenes in 7x01. <333 They really went all out with those. *____*

And I love that in the cap with Sam looking up the stairs, there's not only the light from upstairs but also that random lamp in the foreground. XD It's weird, but cool!
Sam looking up the staircase is one of my favorite caps--ridiculous, I know, but the light is just so ... so.

And the Impala repair scenes! All of them, really. Technically unnecessary to the plot, but lend a realness to the world and characters, and also usually give us a nice look inside Dean's head.
I hope we get some excellent Impala footage in S12. *___* (Even more pressing than "what does Mary think of her babies who are both older than her now"--WHAT DOES SHE THINK ABOUT THE CAR, AS THOUGH NO TIME HAS PASSED AT ALL.)

What I love about the S7 scenes is that they go through the trouble of showing something other than miscellaneous tinkering under the hood--like, there Dean's punching the dents out, and then the scene with the painting--! :'D
Oh yes! The one thing that's remained the same. Will it be of comfort to her, or just throw everything else into even more disorienting ... um. Brain stopped working there. .... You know, make everything else seem stranger in contrast?

Yes. I think that's where I was going.

It was really cool to see the car-painting rig! That was completely new to me, and very nifty. And Dean was so competent. *pets him*

I might have a bit of a thing for the boys being very competent at stuff.
I get what you're saying! XD And yeah, maybe it's this thing that like, everything around her is so totally different nothing seems quite real. But then there's this car, John's car (her car?), and it's just recognizable enough that it brings all the changes home, makes them real. Mary knows who the Impala is, but the car is not as it was in 1983--not really. So where the Impala is consistency and home to Sam and Dean to Mary it is a measure of irrefutable change.


And YASSSS competency!kink!! So much. <333 Especially when it's just kind of like, there, and left unremarked upon/3 seconds of since, like it ain't no thang. (This is possibly also one of the reasons I would like, very much, an actual backcountry camping episode. SHOW US YOUR CAMPING MAVEN SIDE, SAM.)
One of the things I will always give SPN very high marks for is how they simply assume certain portions of Sam and Dean's skill sets: picking locks, creating fraudulent credit cards/IDs, and being able to shoot accurately are almost never turned into opportunities for false drama. Those are baseline for them (especially lock-picking).

It's kind of a relief to watch a show that does that, honestly.

(Sam attempted it in "Red Meat"! If only grumpy!Dean and werewolves hadn't gotten in his way.)