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Your screencaps are the best screencaps. <333 I especially love that overhead shot with Nick and the crib, and that one where Sam and Dean are walking towards the house. There's just so much DEPTH to it--first the fence in the foreground, then the Impala, and behind it Sam and Dean; and the copse of trees, and the house, and finally the dark sky--and of course, the sun behind the trees. Unf.

I'm not even sure what episode that's from--is that Jesse's house?
Aw, shucks. *shuffles feet awkwardly* I do try. :D

I adore the one of them walking towards the house (it's in my desktop wallpaper rotation)--and it is indeed Jesse's house from "I believe [etc.]". I'm actually contemplating doing a series of alternate DVD covers, and that shot would be in strong contention for the s5 cover.