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Fic tone meme

As prompted by kalliel's hilarious post about this, here's a "tone analyzer" take on the two WIPs that are actually IP (eta: except I've finished the first in the time since queuing this. Huzzah!):

First up, that weird Stargate: Atlantis AU starring the guy that got killed off in the second episode, which is basically just an excuse for me to rewrite the same scene umpteen different ways.

Anger and fear kind of make sense, given that the main character is first about to be eaten by aliens, and then gets trapped in a cascade of potential immediate futures. But the passages marked for anger are kind of odd....

And to provide a bit of contrast, here are the passages marked for joy (also very odd selections):

And here's Respite, which is pretty much just an excuse for me to write more first-half-of-"Baby"-style fluff:

Again with anger at the top, although at least fear is dialed way back. But joy is still just as low as on the other fic, even though the whole point is them being happy together because they're successfully having a vacation. There's even going to be sand between their toes at some point.

"Dean grins at him, tension gone like it had never existed." --?? How the heck is that my second most angry sentence in the entire fic? And of the bits and piece of the fic listed here, only the fourth one actually makes sense for "joy". There's heaps better options than the other five analyzer picked out.

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